Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

figured I'd add a post on the last day of 2005. This year hasn't been as good I hoped ... and i vaguely remembered a number of times when i wished that the year would just fly by. Let's hope the new year ahead will be better than the last, and it just has to be man ... it's MY year! I've got a dog on my Chinese Zodiac, and its the year of the doggies in 2006. Yeah, dogs and dog lovers rule this year, and nothing's gonna mess me up! Not CORS, not my mom, not my bills, not my bad grammar, aint nothing! I aint gonna make up a New Years Resolution, since I never lived by them.

And ... still no pictures on this post, since im just too lazy or forgetful to ask that cable from my sister. Hmmm.

Get ready for Au Lang Syne people.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Xmas Post

OK, 2 days ago it was Christmas, and yesterday it was Boxing day. I had tons of things to blog about, hell LOTS of thingies!! The turkey ... the ham ... Project "Xmas Waltz" ... my braces that has been hurting like mad lately... but there's just one problem. My sis took my Nokia-PC cable which i need for uploading pictures to my laptop!!! In other words ... no gawd damned pictures!! And ... and ... a blog entry about a nice warm Christmas just aint the same without pictures!!! Christmas lasts 12 days, and Im patiently waiting for it to be over so that I can pound her without getting noticed by Santa and his Elves.

OK, that's a joke.

and not forgetting ... YOU
!!! You ... you ... people better keep checking back here for updates, you dig!!?? And ... and ... the tagboard!! Yes!! My Precciiioousss, leave a tag!!! Or Im SO gonna hurt you!!

OK, that's still a joke.

Let's all be nice to each other yah.

but i'll still be thrilled if u'll tag ur visits, yay :)
good times people!

Monday, December 19, 2005

NVAC MINDS Camp 2005

I've just ended my 6 days camp ordeal today. 3 days for the Student Leaders' Camp, and another 3 days for a totally different kind of camp, the MINDS camp organized by NVAC. I got Nimales to recruit me as a volunteer assistant, in place for Gavin who was down with dengue fever. Basically, it was a camp to take care of intellectually disabled kids, and it indeed was an eye opener for me. Everyone knew what volunteering is about from the TV reports and books, but on the ground, everything was entirely different. I had some expectations before I arrive, and I was surpised to find things entirely different from what i has anticipated. Kinda a cultural shock for me on the first day, but i grew to love with what i had signed up for as the days passes.

On the first day, we played many games. We had 4 groups, Sun, Moon, Star and Cloud. You can see from the pic their mascots are so easily made ... very kiddish. So were the games planned out for them. Haha, I was really unused to all these especially since i went thru the Student Leaders Camp some days back. I later learn that it wasn't the programs that made the camp what it is, it's really the kids.

here's Frinzzi !!! The kid im taking care of with 2 other volunteers! Hahaha, he's so fat and bubbly! Quite naughty at times, and always got punished by Yingjun, his Volunteer. In fact I was rather stunned by how fierce some of the female volunteers can get when thier kids are naughty. The way they raise their voice and the stern look they gave. Im damn glad im not their target. Hahaha, usually the kids are made to stand facing the wall for a few minutes, and then after that they'll become slightly more obedient for a while.

We had games, music, sing-a-long sessions etc. Mainly interaction sessions to play with the kids. Here we are having a learning session to help the kids learn about some basic domestic skills, like cleaning the table, making their bed, tidying the room etc. It's back to basics for everyone, away from the complications of calling up sponsors and planning all programs to the finest details. Just plain childhood innocence with plenty of room for imagination and learning.

For Day2, we had an Xmas celebration in the school! MINDS Volunteers from all over Singapore came to Peicai Secondary with their trainees for Xmas games and a cool carnival! So many kiddy games going around, like this hammer game we see at the arcade! There's also a fishing game, some ball games ... so fun la.

No Xmas celebration is complete without a giant snowman and Santa Claus! hahaha, everything was so simply put together, but yet it was sooo heartwarming rallying the kids together for a good time. We had presents packed neatly under a cute tree for the kids to grab. Frinzzi got a big inflatable ball from Xiao Jing, which he burst an hour later when he threw the ball at the ceiling fan. At night, we had a good Xmas dinner with chocolate, mashed potato, ham and lots of turkey .... ummmmm I love TuRkies .... I also learn that turkies goes well with Cranberry Sauce.

Some people from NUS CAC (Cultural Activities Club) also came down to do some Christmas Carolling before we dine. It has been a good day!!

For the last Day, we have a play put together for the trainees' parents. It entitled "The Treasure in the Sky". Once again, it was very simply put together. Frinzzi was given the role of the part of a Hawaiian surfer model. The Camp comm made him a yellow surf board out of carboard, and I taught him how to pose on the stage. His role was so cool la, his first pose was to lie down on the board and start paddling and swimming. Because he's so round, it looks damn cute and funny!!

And so ends the camp. I've seen alot, done a lot and learnt a alot. I've done things I never expected to be doing, like bathing the kids ... helping them brush teeth and dress etc. A 10 year old kid called Yew Joe woke up in the middle of the night and peed his pants. I had to bring him to the toilet to wash him up and wash his stained pants and underwear as well. At first, I admit I was a bit grossed out ... but I really grew to enjoy these small moments of innocence with them, even if it means I have to make a lot of trips to the toilet to help them bathe etc. It really becomes pleasurable and kinda cute at the same time. I truely enjoyed myself. Haha. Im going to miss Frinzzi, really. Nimales asked me to join the NVAC MINDS project at Guilemard, Im giving it serious consideration ... haha, maybe I can get to play around with Frinzzi's belly again.

It's my first time doing a volunteer work with Intellectually Disabled kids. I've learnt many new things ... but the most astonishing fact I've realized, is that many of the volunteers have committed themselves to their kids all the way from year 1 to year 4, and there are also many graduated students who chose to continue their service with their kids after so many years. I also got to know a guy who's still serving NS, but still volunteered to join NVAC in their selfless service. No one around here does this for CCA points or recognition ... it all comes from the heart, to help the unfortunate kids do what they cannot do for themselves. I was a little embraressed from my negligence all these years for not lending much of a hand.

If there's anything I've really realized from this NVAC MINDS project, is that we indeed do have Angels living among us, and it can even be you.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Waltzing the Night II

Had an outing today with my MNO module project gang. It's really kinda cool how we bonded so well together, starting off from a simple project team for a school module. We met up at City Hall MRT at 6pm, and had dinner at Nooch noodle bar.

My Sze Chuan Ramen!

Dinner was good, almost as good as the rounds we had at Paulaner's (pardon the spelling) Brewery over at Millenia Walk after that. My all time favourite pub ... I haven't been here in ages, and their authentic beers still taste the best!

We stayed at the pub till around 11, before heading off to the river side beside Esplanade. Once again, I haven't been here in ages ... and I've forgotten how beautiful the view is from here.

City View from the riverside, 11.30pm

We waltz over to the Fullerton hotel bridge, where we spent 2 hours chatting away about any topic that comes to mind. I almost fell asleep lying down on the bridge, haha. For the first time in a long while, i actually felt free and liberated. While so many others enjoy a night life shaking themselves away at some club, I prefer a quieter and closer approach to the night herself. Call me wierd, haha, but this is the life i love.

Having the night upon you, priceless.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Waltzing the Night

Was at the gym, when Meishan called. Her tuition was cancelled, so she's good for movie this evening. We liased up with Kelvin, and i reserved the tix at Cineleisure for the 11.15pm show: Exorcism of Emily Rose. Lately I've been watching many good movies, and this certainly is one of them. It really makes you wonder about the realm of the Supernatural, and best of all this movie is based on a true story.

2.00am, its pouring outside. Everyone's taken shelter outside the Cineleisure Cheers store. This rain doesn't look like one which will stop for a few hours. We braved the rain and waltz over to the nearby kopitiam across the wet pavements and streets. We lingered there for a while, before deciding Chomp Chomp will be a better place for supper. Once again, we waltz over to the opposite parking lot where i parked my car. Our pace was initially fast in the rain to avoid getting drenched too much, and it slowly became a leisurely walk in the watery weather. I have forgotten how fun this feeling is.

We drove through nature's watery wrath to Chomp Chomp at Serangoon Gardens, only to find it closed. I thought Chomp Chomp is supposed to be open 24hours? So we went over to Geylang instead for a midnight feast of traditional Hong Kong cuisine.

豆浆,油条, 豆奶, 萝卜丝蛋糕, 虾饺,烧卖,台湾面线,猪肠粉

Kelvin And MeiShan

3.15am, the food's gone but the supper crowd's still around. Meishan is still weary from the show just now. Everyone's tired ... I sent Kelvin home, then I sent Meishan home.

Ending the session with a leisurely drive home in the serenity of the watery night, priceless.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cool Movies

Im a regular customer for Video Ezy during semester holidays. My sis will be back from Australia then, and we'll be spending quite a number of sleepless nights together taking in rented movies.

Seldom has a movie left an impression on me. And for the few that actually did it, all were English movies, none Chinese ... until today.

We rented 童梦奇缘 and 神话, 2 movies that I have vowed to watch ever since i missed them on the big screen due to studies. 神话 is ok, the usual Jacky Chan scenes mixed with some unusual twist. 童梦奇缘, on the other hand, is simply fantabulous. A true master piece indeed, 4 thumbs up (me and my sis) !!! My sis cried actually on the show. Highly recommended, brilliant movie on all levels!

Monday, December 05, 2005

What Happens when Janus gets Bored

"The Force is strong in this one ... "


Night out on the town


Janus feel like getting in some exercise.
Janus drove to Kallang stadium to run the track.
Janus realized the stadium people never switch on the flood lights, so it was too dark to run.
Janus didn't thought of that ... sianz 1/2.

Janus decided to hit the gym instead.
Janus walked inside the gym and realized that he forgot to bring towel.
Janus asked the people there if there's any way he can loan or buy a towel, or simply work out without one.
Janus was then told that the gym closes in half an hours time.
Janus mentioned that the sign outside said the gym closes at 10pm, and the people there say that's for weekdays... and today is Sunday.
Janus sian 1/2 again.

sian 1/2 + sian 1/2 = sian ( 1/2 + 1/2 ) = sian 1

Janus walk back to his car feeling damn sian, then called up sister to ask if she wants to come out for a walk around Suntec. She say Yes.
Janus drove home to change and pick her up, then drove to Suntec.
Janus and sis went MPH to browse thru some books and did some window shopping all over the place. Sis bought a bag, Janus thinks it is a waste of money.
Janus and sis then went to the CityLink Gelare for some coffee and snacks.
Janus and sis decided to go to a nearby pub for a few rounds, but changed their mind on the way to the pub.
Janus and sis drove to Orchard to see the lights instead.
Janus and sis returned home at 12am.

Weee, how fun.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Nguyen's hanging, 2nd December

And what do you perceive of our country's strict laws against drug trafficking? Yes, im looking at Nguyen Tuong Van's hanging that happened a few days ago on Friday. The decision to dish out the capital punishment to a foreign citizen started a big hoo-hah across the borders of our island to countries such as the US, Australia, and finally ... the United Nations.

For those who haven't been catching up on the news, Nguyen Tuong Van, an Australian, arrived in Singapore with around 400g of Heroin. He's on a transit to Australia, but was arrested at the Singapore customs for his illegal possesions. Soon ... the court dished out the death sentence in his face. Despite repetitive pleas for clemacy from Australia and the United Nations, the local government stood by its decision. Nguyen Tuong Van walked the Gallows on the 2nd of December, and was hanged at 6am in the morning.

Im not taking sides. I neither support nor disapprove of the usage of capital punishment for drug traffickers in our country. However, I do find it wierd that the actions of some Australians have deteriorated from being diplomatic to being plain childish. There have been calls to boycott Singapore goods, and there have been threats to ban trade with Singapore. Something of that sorts ... and last I read was that Union crews are refusing to service on Singapore airplanes on the Australian airports. Anyways ... check this out for what the Australian government speak of the "Chinese rogue port city" which we live in.

Quoting an article i read on the Straits Times forum,

An Australian who called the local ABC radio asking Australians to boycott Singapore products and services said: 'I know Australia would also lose income - but there is a human life here, and an Australian at that. I just wondered, you know'.

Isn't it obvious that they expect the law of any country to fit their likes and dislikes just because a culprit happens to be an Australian?

I stand in full agreement with the author. Seriously, im puzzled. This morning my sister (who just came back from Australia) tried to access an online data storage webpage based in Australia, and this is what she saw instead.

once again, seriously, im puzzled.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dumb Service Sector Jokes

My sister read my post regarding my bitching about Singapore's service sector. Those occasional rude aunties and bo chup ppl behind the counters and stalls. She said she liked my post, and she said it was all too true.

Well, anyway, just to kill time, we talked about a series of ways to irritate ppl from the service sector. To disturb them a little and make a lame joke out of it ... haha, just for the fun of it.

So here goes!

*** drumroll ***

How to Disturb a ...

1) HairDresser:
walk into a Salon and ask for cut and colour. Dye your hair yellow/red or some outrageous colour. After that when he ask wad style u want to cut, tell him cut botah.

2) Policeman:
Go 120 on the expressway in a car, and if you're lucky, one of those Traffic Police will trail u and pull you over. When they walk up beside your car door, wind down the window and order from him, drive-thru style..
"2 Cheeseburger and 1 small coke." *adapted from*

3) MoneyChanger:
Find a money changer and ask him to change your 50 cents to a dollar.

4) Telephone Operator:
Dial 100. Then when the operator answers, say
"Operator! Give me the number for 911!"

5) MacDonalds Service Crew:
Order a Cheeseburger, then request for a special order and ask the guy dun put cheese, dun put vegetable, and dun put the meat patty, but exchange it with a fish fillet with some sour cream on top.

6) Shopping Center Information Service:
Go Takashimaya, find the Information Service Counter. Ask the ppl there how to get to a certain shop. Wait for them to finish giving you the directions, then tell them...
"Ding Ding Ding! That is absolutely correct! And that makes you our lucky winner for the day!"
Shake their hand, and then run away before you kena hantam.

hahaha, now aren't your glad that the exams are over? Coz what you have just read is certainly IQ-degrading stuff.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Post Exams Log

Finally it's over, and another semester came to a close. This examination period has taken much out of me, both mentally and emotionally. Mentally coz of the usual studying bit, and emotionally coz of the uncommon occurances that somehow found their way to me during one of my most vulnerable moments. I need time to recoup for what I have missed out, and I' ve got so much catching up to do on my social life.

Firstly, I think i owe most of my friends an apology, for cutting myself out from the social circle for a while. Throughout the examination period, I've been turning down most offers to meet up, get together, or even to study together with my friends at the library or something. Those people who have seen me through my Marist Days, you'd probably have seen this side of mine way too often. Haha ... in layman term, I will kinda turn myself into an anti-social nerdy freak of nature once I officially begin my Examination Prep Period. So ... to all out there whom I have turned down and hopefully not offended,

抱歉,抱歉 。。。 真的对不起 !

and some special messages ...

to Kelvin : Sorry that I chose my tuna sandwich over MacDonalds at your house there with Jessie they all ... haha

To Desmond : Sorry I keep turning down your mahjong offers, but Im ready as hell now to take your money.

Ok, that ends that...

Hmm, some friendship tensions brewed a week before the exams ... was quite affected by it, and it gets kinda hard to concentrate on my books when i kept thinking about it. Had some hurtful comments hurled over at me which i kept reflecting upon. Maybe it's in my blood to be so sensitive to such thingies, but Im glad it's all come to past.

This aint the worst though ...

My best friend got into trouble ... in more ways than one. I shalln't go into details here to reveal his life, but the impact of it all entirely took away his mood to study. May sound strange and silly bah ... but somehow I myself became emotionally affected as well for a while ... after knowing him for close to 10 years. I'm a hardcore mugger when it comes to exams, and for that I cannot imagine the fear of having to enter an exam hall ... totally unprepared. It became harder for me to concentrate on my work worrying about his condition. That's one of the reasons why Im glad that the examinations are over. And that's also why I've turned down some of my friend's offer to club the night away tomorrow at IndoChine. I just got to meet him.

Hmm ... and so that's about all to remember and record for my Year 2 semester 1 examinations. My days became pretty routine during these periods ... Id wake up at 11am and study till 2am, allowing myself only a break at 5.30pm to watch Justice League on TV. By the way, I slept only around 2 or 3 hours before my Management and Organisation paper. Not becoz I've been mugging thru the night, but simply coz I got a bad dose of insomia. That sucked.