Thursday, December 08, 2005

Waltzing the Night

Was at the gym, when Meishan called. Her tuition was cancelled, so she's good for movie this evening. We liased up with Kelvin, and i reserved the tix at Cineleisure for the 11.15pm show: Exorcism of Emily Rose. Lately I've been watching many good movies, and this certainly is one of them. It really makes you wonder about the realm of the Supernatural, and best of all this movie is based on a true story.

2.00am, its pouring outside. Everyone's taken shelter outside the Cineleisure Cheers store. This rain doesn't look like one which will stop for a few hours. We braved the rain and waltz over to the nearby kopitiam across the wet pavements and streets. We lingered there for a while, before deciding Chomp Chomp will be a better place for supper. Once again, we waltz over to the opposite parking lot where i parked my car. Our pace was initially fast in the rain to avoid getting drenched too much, and it slowly became a leisurely walk in the watery weather. I have forgotten how fun this feeling is.

We drove through nature's watery wrath to Chomp Chomp at Serangoon Gardens, only to find it closed. I thought Chomp Chomp is supposed to be open 24hours? So we went over to Geylang instead for a midnight feast of traditional Hong Kong cuisine.

豆浆,油条, 豆奶, 萝卜丝蛋糕, 虾饺,烧卖,台湾面线,猪肠粉

Kelvin And MeiShan

3.15am, the food's gone but the supper crowd's still around. Meishan is still weary from the show just now. Everyone's tired ... I sent Kelvin home, then I sent Meishan home.

Ending the session with a leisurely drive home in the serenity of the watery night, priceless.