Sunday, December 04, 2005

Nguyen's hanging, 2nd December

And what do you perceive of our country's strict laws against drug trafficking? Yes, im looking at Nguyen Tuong Van's hanging that happened a few days ago on Friday. The decision to dish out the capital punishment to a foreign citizen started a big hoo-hah across the borders of our island to countries such as the US, Australia, and finally ... the United Nations.

For those who haven't been catching up on the news, Nguyen Tuong Van, an Australian, arrived in Singapore with around 400g of Heroin. He's on a transit to Australia, but was arrested at the Singapore customs for his illegal possesions. Soon ... the court dished out the death sentence in his face. Despite repetitive pleas for clemacy from Australia and the United Nations, the local government stood by its decision. Nguyen Tuong Van walked the Gallows on the 2nd of December, and was hanged at 6am in the morning.

Im not taking sides. I neither support nor disapprove of the usage of capital punishment for drug traffickers in our country. However, I do find it wierd that the actions of some Australians have deteriorated from being diplomatic to being plain childish. There have been calls to boycott Singapore goods, and there have been threats to ban trade with Singapore. Something of that sorts ... and last I read was that Union crews are refusing to service on Singapore airplanes on the Australian airports. Anyways ... check this out for what the Australian government speak of the "Chinese rogue port city" which we live in.

Quoting an article i read on the Straits Times forum,

An Australian who called the local ABC radio asking Australians to boycott Singapore products and services said: 'I know Australia would also lose income - but there is a human life here, and an Australian at that. I just wondered, you know'.

Isn't it obvious that they expect the law of any country to fit their likes and dislikes just because a culprit happens to be an Australian?

I stand in full agreement with the author. Seriously, im puzzled. This morning my sister (who just came back from Australia) tried to access an online data storage webpage based in Australia, and this is what she saw instead.

once again, seriously, im puzzled.