Sunday, July 31, 2005

End of Vacations, Back to Reality

Check out my last entry. It's dated 3rd of July, and now's its already the eve of August.
Time flies, really ... I can still vagulely recollect the joy and zest that I felt at the end of my last examination paper on the 3rd of May.

My vacation holiday's almost over, just like that. The new semester's starting in a while.
Thinking back, I haven't really accomplished much in my 3 months study break. Let's see, I've worked a total of 6 days for the Science Centre, attended Union Camp as Piyo's Councillor, planning and doing stuffs for the Centennial Rag Day, washed my aunt's car a few times, waxed it once ...

bah. Whatever ... life goes on.

Now for the list of things which i could have done, but didn't set out doing them.

1) Driving to JB for supper
2) Go overseas backpacking
3) Research about NUS NOC program
4) Go gymming twice a week
5) Wax my car more often
6) Master parallel parking
7) Eat frog porridge at Geylang
8) Get a girlfriend
9) Plan my damn modules
10) Try to sell Gavin my sleeping bag which he puked on. I aint gonna sleep on that damn thing.

Well ok. Now for the log of the day, some readings for your interest and for my future recollections.

I slept half the day away, all the way till 5pm.
Im suppose to meet XiuYan at City Link at 5.30pm, but guess i kinda overslept. It was already 5.20pm when i stepped out of my door, and i took a cab down to City Hall despite the heavy traffic near Padang due to NDP rehearsals. That consoles my guilty conscience a little actually, hehe, at least I TRY not to be too late.

The cab fare was around 7 bucks, and the ride took quite a while, coz the driver took a longer road to avoid the stupid NDP crowd and road blocks. Seriously... I thought it'd be cheaper and maybe faster If Id jut ask the driver to drive me to the MRT station nearest to my home. Im only 4 MRT stops away from City Hall ... Haha. I was actually kinda hoping that the 7 bucks I paid will partly atone for my sin for being late. But then again, as i was fighting my way thru the Citylink crowd to Gelare cafe where im supposed to meet XiuYan, I wondered if it would be a better idea to use the 7 bucks to buy a cake or something. Well, I did skip dinner to avoid wasting more time, and perhaps i could have offered to share my cake with XiuYan. Then perhaps she'll forgive me if she's unhappy. heee~

Anyways, we had our caffeine (no cake =( ), and went over to Marina to catch Fantastic 4 at 6.50pm. I bought a drink+Pop corn combo as i always did for movies, but this is the first time someone made me eat and drink alone in the cinema. Popcorn aint that fattening laa ... corn is supposed to be healthy also. =P

Nice show!! After that we headed over the Paulaner's German Brewery for a round of drinks. Haven been there for quite a while, the dark beer that place serves is still the best!!! Stayed there for quite a while chattering away, and getting a little high at the same time. The alcohol slowly penetrated our nervous system, and that's a good thing ... coz it opened up more topics to talk about. Conversations naturally becomes more spontaneous and interesting when your high. Haha. They should serve debaters some shots before their debating sessions, that'll get them cracking.

Emptied our glass at around 11pm, both of us didn't feel like heading home.
We took a walk down to Esplanade, and strolled along the Singapore River towards Fullerton 1. Im now officially labelling this stretch of area as my favourite 散心 spot. The breeze in your hair, the gentle outlook of the surroundings, the calm waves of the river, everything fits perfectly into a symphony that takes my troubles away. God i love this place...

We wandered along the riverside for a while ... caught up with each other's lives thus far. We talked about anything and everything practically ... the past, the present, the future, good things, bad things ... anything goes. We're all social creatures, and a good conversation really enlightens the soul. That's what everyone needs once in a while, and its definately what I need. Many friends in school know me for my carefree attitude, and most have been cruelly exposed to my lame side. Yet now that i think of it, I haven't really communicated much with most of them. I do have a sentimental side, at least I think I do ... haha.
I think a lot, sometimes too much ... and it seriously feels good to relate my thoughts to someone, even if they do not completely understand it. I guess school just isn't the place for this kinda heart to heart talks.

We loafed around till 1am, then we took a cab home.
She overpaid me for her share of the cab fare ... Ill save the extras for my cake next time.

Day well spent Id say.
Chicken Soup does taste good. =)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Dinner+Movie ... Good ol Gang.

Met up with the good ol gang at Suntec today. We're suppose to be celebrating Weehou's birthday, which was 3 days ago. No cakes, no candles, no presents wrapped in toilet paper, just a clean, simple dinner and movie outing. Wasn't too bad for a change, one should really do away with all the cake and surprise gimmicks once in a while.

Couldn't drive to Suntec, the NDP preview thingie had the roads near Padang all sealed up. Even the cab i took only agreed to take me as far as the MRT station near my home. We had a good dinner at Siam Kitchen, a restaurant at the basement of the Suntec fountain. Had a cool buffet spread of 20 courses ... Thai style, mostly spicy. Weehou didn't like it, and the curry stinks. Otherwise, its quite good, to me at least.

We caught our movie a Marina Square. Zengkun bought the tickets before we met, and God knows why he didn't think of buying the tix in the same building we're planning to dine. We watched Batman Begins, and I must say it is seriously one heck of a movie. Im not much of a movie critic, but seldom do i comment that a show is good. In fact, the number of movies which truely impressed me can be counted with one hand ... or two perhaps. Star Wars Episode 3 didn't impress me, the Spiderman series is cool, but I wouldn't say they are too cool...

Anyways, the show rocks, a comic book tale blending into reality. 2 thumbs up for the ride. Anyway, it may be just me .... whatever, the hell i care.

Zengkun, Weilun, Mel and Leck Koon shared a cab home after that. Weehou apparently lost his way around the carpark to find his bike. Only thing he recalled was that he parked near Fish and Co. Its past 12am, and most doors have been locked, and some lifts have been deactivated. The gates to the building interior were shut, and the whole damn place looked like a friggin maze. We navigated through the suntec city carpark from one end to the other. I spent a record breaking half hour walking aimlessly in the stuffy carpark of Suntec City. The animal and colour codes drawn up all over the Suntec carpark are there for a reason, and my advise for all drivers or riders reading this entry, will be to pay attention to them.

12.40am ... we found his bike. Kelvin and myself made our way out of the carpark to the land of the living. Got a cab with a nice Taxi Driver, reached home safely.

I had to be in school by 11am tomorrow. I predict I'll be late...

I hope Im wrong...