Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For the Lame and the Bored

the last time I put up a post, policemen still wearing shorts. long long long long time ago, about 12B.C.

Anyways, determined not to let another of his blog space get frozen up with discontinuity, the author has decided to post up wadever crap shit that came up in his twisted mind.

Eh Hem ... today I'm gonna talk about my most recent facination. It's none other than my virtual pets. My supervisors at DSI gave me this Fish game which comes with a fish tank screen saver. You play by dropping fish food into the tank to feed the fishies whose stomach empties in a matter of seconds... once in a while aliens will invade your tank to eat them fishies, and u'll have to fire lasers to nail the aliens. As you progress, more and more weird marine life comes into play. There's piranhas that eats small fishies, and ultra-piranhas that eat ordinary piranhas, jumping crabs which eat small fishies, and buggy munchers which eats yellow ladybugs ... oh yah, and did I mention the octopussy that eats stars? Yeah that too.

yada yada yada yada, rah rah rah rah

This is my dear fish tank screen saver. Those chicken-like thingies are pregnant fishes which gives birth to darling small fishies which will become food to Luo-Han-Yu and Steve Jobbs. Steve Jobbs will release yellow ladybuggs to feed Bill Gates. And Bill Gates will drop money to the bottom of the tank, which will be collected by stinky the snail. The money will then be spent by the royal me, thy master o fishie tank. Now that's what i call a food chain.

Next. I adopted a turtle pet in facebook. (By the way, those who know me, do add me to your facebook account. My ID is Janus Ong). It's a turtle, probably a reptile. Its green, its got a shell and it crawls on 4 legs ... so it's a turtle.

Yeah so its green ... and so i gave it a green-ey name. Meet Wasabee the turtle. Uber nice name right? Im a talented pet namer. My sister named her cow Mooie, and my friend named her penguin Sanguine and Weilun named his giraffe giffy. Wooooo..... Both names have something to do with the host creature. Cows go mooooooo and "guine" sounds like "guin" from "penguin", same for the giraffe. So unoriginal, hee. Whist wasabee, has nothing important associated with turtles. Wasabe isn't made from turtles, and turtle jelly isn't made from wasabe.
The only distance association is its colour.

Its instruction manual says that its head is so big that it cant hide inside its own shell. I can see that. Poor wasabe...

Ok that's enough random thoughts for now. I need to go sleep now, else i'll be late to feed the fishies tomorrow morning.