Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ode to Mee Fen

People out there got famous singing about mice, rats, cockroaches, lizards, mosquitos etc etc.

And so ... i ask, why not a song about meefen?

Here's an ingenious creation from the mind of a talented pet namer.

Sing it out at a rate of approximately 2 words per second

The Meefeen Song (米粉歌)

作曲:Janus 歌词:Janus

meefen meefen not a normal meefen very special meefen not like normal meefen yummy meefen yumyum meefen i love meefen meefen meefen stylo meefen mylo meefen mix with milo meefen don't want meekia i want meefen i hate meepok i like meefen i hate bee hoon i crave meefen meefen meefen meesiam is crap i eat meefen meesua not nice i love meefen i want meefen meefen meefen not for Aiur but for meefen not for glory let's eat meefen i hate tau geh go chiong meefen don't buy zerglings spend on meefen meefen meefen army no use coz no meefen don't drink tiger go eat meefen don't smoke cigarette go suck meefen lunch break later go buy meefen working that time should think meefen sleeping also must dream meefen don't want girlfren prefer meefen don't want prata i want meefen gahmen pay rise to buy meefen bangla come work to try meefen meefen meefen XO meefen yu pian meefen curry meefen ice-cream meefen halal meefen homemade meefen gourmet meefen world-peace meefen meefen meefen yay.

- 完 -

Nice? By the way, guess what I had for dinner today.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~XO meefen!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

how'd you guess?

We still feel rather restless after downing the $20 meefen from Holland V, probably due to the XO they put inside. So we went Settler's Cafe to settle down and play shares.