Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dumb Service Sector Jokes

My sister read my post regarding my bitching about Singapore's service sector. Those occasional rude aunties and bo chup ppl behind the counters and stalls. She said she liked my post, and she said it was all too true.

Well, anyway, just to kill time, we talked about a series of ways to irritate ppl from the service sector. To disturb them a little and make a lame joke out of it ... haha, just for the fun of it.

So here goes!

*** drumroll ***

How to Disturb a ...

1) HairDresser:
walk into a Salon and ask for cut and colour. Dye your hair yellow/red or some outrageous colour. After that when he ask wad style u want to cut, tell him cut botah.

2) Policeman:
Go 120 on the expressway in a car, and if you're lucky, one of those Traffic Police will trail u and pull you over. When they walk up beside your car door, wind down the window and order from him, drive-thru style..
"2 Cheeseburger and 1 small coke." *adapted from*

3) MoneyChanger:
Find a money changer and ask him to change your 50 cents to a dollar.

4) Telephone Operator:
Dial 100. Then when the operator answers, say
"Operator! Give me the number for 911!"

5) MacDonalds Service Crew:
Order a Cheeseburger, then request for a special order and ask the guy dun put cheese, dun put vegetable, and dun put the meat patty, but exchange it with a fish fillet with some sour cream on top.

6) Shopping Center Information Service:
Go Takashimaya, find the Information Service Counter. Ask the ppl there how to get to a certain shop. Wait for them to finish giving you the directions, then tell them...
"Ding Ding Ding! That is absolutely correct! And that makes you our lucky winner for the day!"
Shake their hand, and then run away before you kena hantam.

hahaha, now aren't your glad that the exams are over? Coz what you have just read is certainly IQ-degrading stuff.