Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

figured I'd add a post on the last day of 2005. This year hasn't been as good I hoped ... and i vaguely remembered a number of times when i wished that the year would just fly by. Let's hope the new year ahead will be better than the last, and it just has to be man ... it's MY year! I've got a dog on my Chinese Zodiac, and its the year of the doggies in 2006. Yeah, dogs and dog lovers rule this year, and nothing's gonna mess me up! Not CORS, not my mom, not my bills, not my bad grammar, aint nothing! I aint gonna make up a New Years Resolution, since I never lived by them.

And ... still no pictures on this post, since im just too lazy or forgetful to ask that cable from my sister. Hmmm.

Get ready for Au Lang Syne people.