Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dog tired...

Had my final paper today.
Finally this semester has officially come to a close. Haha, joy!! Now I got 1 whole month of holiday to look forward to.

By now you've probably noticed the new blog skin I've put up. I thought my blog needed a face lift a long time ago, just that i was too lazy to do anything about it back then. Today, after my last paper, I actually felt lost for a while, since i usually rushed home to study and mug thru my notes for the next paper (As those of you who have known me long enough should know). After this burden is lifted, i dunno where else to head towards to ... haha, so I decided to design a new blog face for myself to have the first kill-time session of my 1 month long holiday. Do tell me if the texts are hard to read coz of the background colouring. Anyways, Im gonna post up my exam-period encounters in another post. Things keep happening in my direction during the last few weeks, I don't know why...

My aunt's moving to Singapore. And she's bringing her 2 "kids" along with her. Notice the open and close inverted commas, coz her kiddies are actually 2 doggies. My aunt aint married, maybe that's why she give her doggies so much attention and love. The sad thing is, pets flown in from outside Singapore have to go through a 1 month quarrantine period in some government pound. The doggies are at the pound now, while my aunt is back in Phuket to settle the moving procedeures. She wants me to visit them as often as possible to sayang them ... haha. I love dogs, and my aunt's doggies are really too darn cute to ignore. Anyways, after my last paper today, I went to visit them for the first time at Jurong. My mom has to go with me, coz the doggies haven't seen me before, only my mom. So I must go and 照个面 with them before I start visiting them myself next time. Haha.

Meet Gizmo!!! Haha, my Aunt's kinda westernized, ain't suprising she give her dog such an Ang Moh name. Gizmo's a pug!! That talking dog from MIB !!!

Cute Right?? Look at his face, its hilarious! Forever sad-looking one. Very fat, and very nice to carry. According to my mom, he can understand sometimes when u talk to him. When it's listening to you, it will just tilt its head to one side and stare at you. Haha, damn cute la.

And then we have Markie!! A white terrier! He's Gizmo's brother, and has a knack of socializing with others by biting them. He kept biting me and my mom's hands every time he got the chance to, but not pain la ... its just those kinda soft soft squeeze using his mouth. Always bully Gizmo one, biting him around. When we put them together in Gizmo's cage, he kept biting Gizmo's ear, then Gizmo just sit down there let him bite, or walk around a bit. I had to separate them, haha. But they're probably just playing la.

Here's another nice dog I saw in the opposite cage. It's a Chow Chow i think. Looks like a lion. Got another Chow Chow in the neighbouring cage which is black in colour. That one look like a Bear. Haha.

By the time we make a move, I was covered with Gizmo's fur. And much of my body surface area which wasn't clothed was covered with dog saliva. I had fun lah, the doggies really damn fun. I'll be coming back on Thursday to see them again.

And to those who frequent my house during semester holidays ...


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Money or Fulfilment

Spent practically the whole day doing Multiple Choice Questions to prepare for my GEM test tomorrow ... ack. 100 questions in 6+ hours ...

Anyways, i watched the 6pm show channel 8 just now. This bunch of guys actually won 8 million dollars from a toto draw. The next few scenes show them hopping mad around the house celebrating their luck.

Anyways ... it just makes me ponder.
What will you do if you're suddenlly bestowed with an immense amount of wealth enough to support you for a lifetime? You can have everything and anything you want, food, housing, cars etc etc. Basically, you won't ever have to worry about money making as long as you breathe.

Now the main question is, will you still choose to do what you're doing right now? To be more specific to us students, will you still see the need to mug your head off for exams and continue persueing your degree in University? Will the consideration for Honours or even Masters still be there? Will you still strive to get yourself that stable career? You've already got it made!! With that kind of windfall, you can bum around in your room for the rest of your life without a single worry. So ... what will you do?

Though not all, but i will believe that quite a number of us study and work for the sake of monetary benefits in the future ... like our parents used to tell us to study hard now so that we can earn more money in the future. Once the monetary consideration is dropped, is there still any value remaining in what we are pursuing right now? Really ... ponder on this topic. This is one of the subconscious equations in life, which led us on just becoz it's been the trend all these years. You study through childhood and work through adulthood just becoz it's what the society has been doing for generations. The point is ... do you see any real meaning or value in what you are doing right now?

I asked myself that question ... i kinda struggled mentally a little on the answer, but i guess I'd choose to carry on with my current progress. Money aside, it's important to have a sense of fulfilment in life I believe. I do not take up Engineering simply becoz of the promised monetary returns in the future, but simply coz I am interested in it. I want to learn about these techonologies which have enchanced our society... and I want to progress along with it. Given a choice, I'd rather be the person painstackingly making the progress than the one laying back to enjoy the fruits of the progress. Quoting Grace, money without fulfilment will leave our lives empty. I couldn't agree more ... So is there fulfilment from all that studying and mugging for a piece of paper we call the degree?

Which path will you choose? Drop me a Tag!! =)

Best Wishes to all my friends for their upcoming exams. Jia You !

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Management and Organisation blues

The keyword for today ...


like that show about plane crashes and little black boys getting chases by polar bears. If you find that line familiar, then i must thank you for following with my blog posts. It's from one of my previous posts. Hahaha

Anyways, im now at the nice cosy YIH study room once again, waltzing the night away with my laptop and textbooks. Ooooo i love this life, books, notes, equations, programs, equations, and totally no distraction at all! K Im halfway to insanity from studying, so you can forget about the last sentence. Anyways, since yesterday I've been trying to studying my Management and Organisation module. This is my only buisness module this semester ... and it sucks. The module is fun alrite, the gameshow-like lectures and all, but the studying procedeure just don't really appeal to me. Information is everywhere, the lecturer ask us to read the textbook, but the materials there just aren't enuff!!! The readings are rather dull and heavy ... sigh. That's why i used the word lost, coz i just dunno how to study for this module. My engin modules are rather straight forward to study and prepare. Just read the lecture notes or textbooks and do your tutorials and you're done. Cool, simple and easy ...

sigh, maybe its just me. Aww I dunno. Just feeling so lost and frustrated with all these.



... then ...


i consulted Xintian.


She has taken and passed the module with an A- grade, and what i now need more than anything else is solace and directions. How do I confront this dragon successfully ...
She offered her advice, for which Im truely grateful for ...

'Watch the webcasts, You should ... and pass the module, You will'

That's rephrased by me, Xintian don't talk Yoda. Bleah.
She convinced me that this of the utmost importance. Well ... it does regain my confidence to confront the module .. though I've wasted a lot of time on this start. Hahaha

Thanks Xintian!
I promise after exams if u jio me and siyong go Fong Seng again I wun reject.


Friday, November 04, 2005

Programming Lab 6 done !!

YAY !!!

Long Live PeiKai whom pinpointed my problem based on a hunch. I did not reference my program to the maths library when i use the ceiling command, thus there was a compilation error!!! Long Live Pei Kai, im gonna set up a shrine in my room in his honour.

And I lift a glass of virtual champagne to everyone for a glorious toast to conclude this draggy and stupid programming lab. I know Huiching, Shan Shan and Xintian will prefer some beer though. Wenhui and Cheryl will drink Coke, fruit juice or plain water. Kelvin will order Lychee Martini or KilKenny's. Siyong I dunno and I dun care, maybe green tea.
I'll go for Heneiken!!!

Cheers to all !!!
Love ya All!!
The World is such a beautiful place to live in ....

with engineers of coz.


Still Programming Lab 6

Im at SOC computer lab now ... my program still won't run??
it's about 3pm now ... if there's a moon outside i really feel like howling to it, that reveals my mood.

My friends all slowly getting it liao ... but Im still stuck!!! and NO ONE can tell what's wrong with my program... the output is correct, the algorithm is perfect, there is just no place for any mistakes! AcK, this is as comforting as a nuclear meltdown. Programming Lab is supposed to be my forte !! Yet it returned a compilation error at the Course Marker, while my error analysis shows up nothing !!! Ive consulted all the Programming Shen i know, all dun understand also ! This blasted piece of technology they employed to help in their marking is really dumb. I've been on this lab for hours ... and im already one foot into Nirvana, levitating on my roller chair. My finger tips have become molded to fit the shape of the keyboard and mouse ... and i think if i try hard enuff my eyes can emit photon lasers from all that computer monintor light and radiation ... i dunno what else to do. Im lost, totally lost .... like that show on airplane crash and boys being chased by polar bears. My mind is a blank, too tired to carry on ... maybe i should start taking up Yoga lessons. Anyways, here's a part of the darn program. enjoy

void search(map Table, vector searchlist){ string subject; int name_found; // works like a bool function for name found or not vector :: iterator v; map :: iterator m; for (v=searchlist.begin(); v!=searchlist.end(); v++) // iterate thru the search vector { subject = trim( *v ); // The subject shall be the name referenced upon by the iterator name_found = 0; // in the search vector for (m=Table.begin(); m!=Table.end(); m++) // For every new subject found, iterate thru the map to look for his data { if ( strcmp( trim(m->, trim(subject).c_str() ) ==0 ) // If the subject's name and the map referenced name { // is the same, author is found. cout <<>first << name_found =" 1;" name_found ="=">

Programming Lab 6

The key words for today are ...

Vexed! Fed Up! Irritated! Disgruntled!

To relieve some of my steam, Im gonna do this blog entry in a highly "Engineering" fashion. If you do not understand what im babbling about, can approach the nearest Engineer for assitance.

C++ Programming Lab 6 opened like 3 days ago. This is the last C++ lab that we'll be doing this semester, and everyone's kinda looking forward for a grand finale after their fornightly formulation and design of beautiful and logical programming algorithms. While i know of many whom loathe these stupid labs, I actually kind of ... enjoyed some of them. Maybe it's just my thing, and i seldom have difficulties coming up with a simple yet effective algorithm for my problem solving. (That doesn't grant me high grades in written tests and exams though).

We electrical engineers have designed programs to solve many different wierd problems for this semester ... last week i designed a sorting algorithm to decide the winner of Project Superstar. 3 Weeks ago, we created an algorithm to help this stupid planet decide where the next Olympic is gonna be held. And even further back in time, i made a program to help the Prata man at the Science Canteen arrange his stacks of pratas with the biggest prata below and the smallest prata on top. Ok lah, all those still quite ok. Everything involved in the lab is a learning experience.

then this week... this ... this bloody bloody nao hiah week, the just have to come up with a program stupid enuff to keep us going for days. Im suppose to create a friendster-like network for a great mathematician. Can be done la, not much biggie for this. Butthen, they just have to include a Ta-Ma-De component which has no logical sense!!! Wah lau, they want us to decide properly the spaces input for names of great authors!!! So the term "***Janus Ala Davino" is not the same as "Janus Ala Davino" or "Janus Ala Davino***", where a * represents a space. What the shit is this hah? Siaow leh !!! K lah i spent some time on it ... theoratically can liao, my output swee swee, don't care this Mathematician guy (by the way, he's Paul Erdos) got how many friends i also can detect and register, but i just keep getting ZERO for my online submissions!!!

I showed my friend, a programming 神, my program ... he also don't understand why like that. My codes are almost identical to his, and he get 100 while I get zero. Siaow lah ... maybe is I not shuai enuff, or not tall enuff, that I have to spent 6 meaningless hours staring at my computer screen on the same day Ocean Ou De Yang shows his uncle face at the Padang. My output good liao what, with a slightly more improved program, I can even set up a friendster web myself for Rag and Flag next year. Then the faculty clubs and Halls Rag teams can give each other testimonials and be friendlier to each other. Then if people want to sabotage or saboh their own people's float, can easily upload to the network and share the picture with everybody.

Swee La.

Anyways, just for your viewing pleasure, here's a picture of a Nanobot i designed for my Nanoworld Project.

He is created with modern Nanotechnology. The width is suppose to be around 15 nanometers. If Im not wrong rite ... about 500 of these babies can fit on your fingertip.

He can make things from hambrugers to buildings, cool rite??

Then in the near future right, we will come up with technology to combine traditional robotics with
Nanotechnology and Biology. We will grow cells on
microchip and make them cooperate with each other!! So the cyborgs we make will have some human
components as well !!! For instance, this is a future life-form we can all expect to meet.

Steady La, Swee la.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

YIH Study Room ... *love bubbles*

it's 2am in the morning, and Im at the coolest place on Earth. Even cooler than Zouk or Chinablack, and conveniently located in the central of NUS, Im at .....


Weisern is beside me mugging away, compting electrical circuits like no tomorrow. I accomplished less, just read thru 3 or 4 sets of my C++ Programming Notes. Now this is the way to live life, to hole up inside an freezin aircon room without a bloody jacket and slogging ye bleddy life away in front of text books and notes. SIyong left around 1 hour ago ... John and Marcus are still busy fooling around in the NUSSU sec, studying in between their fooling around sessions. Exams are so darn near, cant you realise that? Ahhh. I tried to get a warm cup of coffee from the vending machine ... but the darn machine is spoilt!!! It wun read my card or take my coins! It just won't dispensed!!! The Engineer din do a good job at designing it ... so it seems, that is why Weisern and myself, as the future engineers of this world, the constructors of our society, the enchancers of our realms, must study hard !!! Piah Piah Piah, notes after notes, text books after textbooks. Im about to go home after i type fininsh this entry. I need enuff energy to stay awake and drive home or i'll just die on the road. Weisern, on the other hand, is staying the nite thru in this cool cool place. Not that he wants it, but he has to ... coz he has a library book with him dued today by 9am. I am tired ... mendally, feesically and speereetually ... so tired that i cant spell well... I feel my strength depleteing... and my energy slowing being dispersed to the surroundings. I grow weak ... ack ... why is everyone so piah around me, na bei slow down lah! Exam will run away is it? Take it easy man .... go take sometime to smell the flowers on the sidewalk. They smell real nice. And if you're free, you can go Fong Seng for supper as well, like what Xintian tried to jioed me and Siyong to do just now. If your lucky enuff, you'll be able to catch a good dose of dengue virus there. THat'll be totally rad, Awesom Y'all! THEN this thime the exams wun run away, it will wait for you and you will have one more sem to prepare for them. Zai Right? Sia La, let's all go Fong Seng to enjoy the pratas the people there made with their hands which they used to dig pee sai 5 min ago. K liao, now is 2.25am. I really go liao, no power liao. Bye Bye.

Remember ... Fong Seng ... Fong Seng ....