Friday, March 25, 2005

Problem with Genki Sushi

Work Work Work

When will this ever end?
Tutorials, Assignments, School Projects, PRU Projects blah blah blah
Day in Day out, im either working my ass off or playing Warcraft 3 online with incompetent teamates.
(If you had known me for a period longer than 3 hours, then it's not you im referring to)

There has got to be more to life than this, sheesh.
Maybe its just poor time management on my side, but i dun care!!
Screw y'all! *Especially those with CAP above 4.5*

K, now I feel better.
Enuff of that bitchin, now i'll complain about something else.

NUS Genki Sushi has just done something fantabulous.
Along with their image revamping project, they removed my favourite item from their already pathetic menu. They redesigned their menus, gave the waiters nice new clothes, improved the quantity of fillings in some food items, but they just had to take away my Salmon Don!

*yesh, i can hear Kelvin crying with me*

For those who dunt know wad a Salmon Don is, its one of the best things you can order in a sushi place, relative to its price. The Salmon Don usually comes between a price range of $5.50 to $7.00. Its simple and easy to prepare, yet heavenly delicious and filling for sashimi conneseiurs like me(provided the fish is fresh).

Here's a profile of Sakae Sushi's tentalizing Salmon Don.

Looks good?
It IS good!

Its around the equivalent in price to an upsized extra value meal in MacDonalds.
For a Japanese restaurant, the Salmon Don is truly cheap and good. If you're a raw food lover, you just gotta try it on your tastebuds.

But they just had to bloody remove it from their bloody menu!
I raise both my middle fingers high in protest.
The Law Faculty should sue them for this...

Disappointed with the disappearance of my favourite food item from the Genki menu, i ordered a Chicken Katsu Don as a substitute.
After a 24min long wait (yes, I timed), the waiter brought me the food. The term "waiter" seems to have a literal meaning attached to it in NUS Genki Sushi, they make you wait until you Du Lan. Either that, or they wait until you Du Lan then they rush to bring out your food.

Look at this

After a bite, I wondered if it is really chicken Im eating.

Then a valid comparison ... i think i still prefer the Chicken Rice from the BizAd canteen. Im no professional chicken taster, but for some reason, i thought the chicken taste like leftover food from last night. I know that, coz i often eat leftover food at home ... reheated KFC, chicken curry, or whatever chicken experiments my mom conjured up.

Just let me die.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Familiar Faces??

You all realise...

that we have Jedis among us in PRU....

Monday, March 21, 2005

Proton: Engineered to Exhilarate

I visited the Proton Singapore headquarters yesterday.

Not that i wanted to buy a Proton car... but its the topic for my marketing project this semester. I need some information regarding the advertiseing efforts of Proton for my report, thus I thought the best way will be to interview an executive who works there.
Anyways, my project requires me to compare between a successful and a lousy brand. If you are a Singaporean, you can probably guess which category we perceived Proton to be in.

I took a cab from NUS to the Proton headquarters in Teban Gardens. It's a darn ulu industrial area, with numerous car showrooms lining the road. I entered the block with the Proton logo overhanging, and saw this huge showroom decorated with gourgeous cars. These are cars that you can only see in magazines, and are seriously the types which can make a man drool. Who needs chiobus when you can have chio cars instead? They won't complain, won't nag at you, and definately won't be as much of a financial drain.

Im quite amazed, however, that Proton actually offers such quality products that captures my attention. I wandered around the place for a while, then I realised i was in the wrong showroom. This is Alfa Romeo's place, and the Proton showroom is the next building.

It figures ...

The Proton showroom is even ulu-er than the street i mentioned above.
I walked inside hoping to find some service crew who will attend to me, but the bloody place is deserted, macam a ghost town. The lights are off, magazines are thrown messily all over the place. It's 2.30pm in the afternoon, and i started to wonder if the Proton people have 3 hour lunch breaks.

I stood there like a lampost for almost a full minute, before a guy appeared from somewhere and noticed me. I politely asked to meet the marketing manager. He informed me that all the executives are away in Malaysia attending to some seminar. I asked for an interview with him, and he kept insisting that he is not authorised to provide any information.

kns, i think he just want to get rid of me so that he can go back to sleep.


see beh suay.

I went down to Proton's 2nd showroom at Leng Kee road. After a bloody long wait, i got to interview a friendly ah pek while he is having his smoke break. To obtain his full attention, i decided to make myself sound important, and bluffed that Im from the Marketing Department of NUS. He asked what my project was about, and i told him i need to conduct quantatative research on a lousy brand in the market.

yeah rite.

I told him my topic of research was "the penetration of a foreign brand into the local market". Muahahaha, Im a gawd damned liar. The Ah Pek was nice, i found out all i need, and left.

Check this out, Proton's latest car with their new Lotus Engine.
The "famed" Gen-2. It looks kinda cool actually... but i dunt know if it falls apart after a few miles.

I took a cab home, and the cab driver was an blur looking Auntie, who told me it's her first week on the job. Wah lau eh, how suay can i get. I tell her i going to Upper Aljunied, then i fell asleep.... it's been quite a day for me, and Im darn shag.

When i wake up, Im at Upper Paya Lebar.

Friday, March 18, 2005

An Owl's Entry at 6am

i must be mad.

It's 5.50am now, and Im still doing my marketing project assignment. Im writing a report on McDonald's ever-so-wonderous marketing efforts in publicity. Many thanks to their red-headed freakshow personality symbol.

im really turning into a nite owl.
sleeping the day away and working my ass off at nite.
But i dun really mind, coz owls are cute.

check out this owl-ly pictures!

yah it's a snow owl
and this is another snowy owl.

cute right????
You gotta be in their prey category to disagree with me.

Owls are cute, yes they are, enuff said, dun argue

Not all birds are cute though, especially those who get up at around 6am and started chirping away to celebrate the morning, when I haven't had a gawd damn wink of a sleep.

yes they suck
I feel like tearing their feathers out.
Then I'll roast the birdbrains over a slow fire.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Jokes for Engineers and Scientists

In my 21 years of living I've come across all types of stupid jokes.
Lame ones, corny ones, rascist ones, stupid Ang Mor jokes etc etc.
You get the basic idea.

I thought I've seen it all, but recently I've come to realise a totally new genre of jokes.
These are jokes that probably only students from the Engineering or Science faculty can comprehend.
*bah, their quite basic anyway...*

If you don't get these jokes within 10 seconds of reading em, then there's a greater probability that you're from some other faculties. Check with your engineering or science mates if you wanna understand the logic behind it. I cant be bothered to put up scientific theories in my blog.

But if you're actually an Engineering or Science student and you dun get the joke within 5 seconds of reading them, then you've probably not been studying hard enough.

Here goes...

1) 2 Atoms bump into each other.
and the dialouge goes...

Atom 1> Hey sorry I knocked into you. You alright?

Atom 2> Dun think so ... think you just knocked off some of my electrons.

Atom 1> Huh? Are you sure?

Atom 2> Im Positive!

- contributed by V-man.

2) A neutron visits a pub. He goes up to the bartender to order a drink.
and the dialouge goes...

Bartender> Heyz, wad can i get ya?

Neutron> Gimme a tiger.

*the bartender hands the neutron his beer order*

Neutron> Thanks, how much do i owe you?

Bartender> For you, No Charge!

- contributed by V-man.

3) What do you get if you cross an elephant with a peanut?

Answer: Elephant Peanut sin (theta)
*its a cross or vector product*

- contributed by My EE lecturer.

4) How do you get a polar bear?

Answer: Convert a cartesian bear to polar coordinates.

- contributed by My Maths tutor.
4) Engineers contributed a lot the the construction of the modern society, and by this mindset all Engineers go to heaven when they die, for all the good deeds they have done. One day, however, God made a mistake in accounting for all the reporting souls, and sent an Engineer to Hell instead. Several days later, God realised his mistake, and he made a phone call to the Hell administration office.

God> Eh Satan ah, sorry man, i accidently sent one of my Engineers to Hell.

Satan> Yah i realised. He's good man, he has already constructed an escalator to the surface, and he's now working on a project to install an Air-Conditioning system down here.

God> Oh cool, can you send him back up here?

Satan> Nah... I think I'll keep him. He's too useful.

God> Hey, Im gonna sue you if you dun send me back my engineer.

Satan> Oh yeah? And where are ya gonna find all the lawyers?

- contributed by My Physics Lecturer
Hi Shaun! So sue me!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

One Misty Morning...

What does NUS Raffles Hall has in common with the famous Malaysian resort at Genting Highlands?

Picture this scenario....
YOU are in vacation in Genting.
And you wake up one morning in your high class deluxe hotel room.
Sluggishly, you drag yourself across the room to where your window is and push the curtains aside.
Looking outside the window, you see only mist and fog, clouding your vision and inducing a cool sensation to your morning stupor.
That's Genting Highlands for you...

Down here in NUS Raffles Hall, you get pretty much the same thing!
Yeah given the room is neither high class nor deluxe, but we DO have the fog and mist in the morning. To be exact... twice per week!!
And better! You dun even have to drag yourself across your stupid room to see the mist outside your window, all you gotta do is open your eyes and it'll present itself right before you.
It floods your room by its own will, surrounds your laundary as it is left out to dry on the clothes dryer outside, and completely basks you with it.

One difference, this fog STINKS!

Fuck You Hall admin, is it really necessary to blast mosquito fog all around the accomodation area twice per week???
I happen to be having my morning shower in the toilet when the foggers came. After Im done, I have to bloody walk back to my room thru the layers of mosquito fog.
Oh wow, now Im really clean.

And about clothes and laundries... do the Maths
Wet towel/Laundary + Mosquito Fog = ?

note the above process lasts for around 10 - 15minutes .

My model answer
------> a toxic piece of shit.

And people wonder why they get rashes and other skin problems

Monday, March 14, 2005

Assignments and Cows

How many of you will believe me if i confess that Im actually an alien cow from another galaxy?
Dressed in a human disguise and here to learn the ways of you pathetic Earthlings.

SMS-ed that question to a friend of mine, and he replied with a long
"Moooooooo" before the message ended with a "nah".

What's the point?
Im damn bored, that's the whole point.
Spending your weekend glued to your textbook isnt really very entertaining to start off with.... argh!

Its 2am now, and i just realised that im in for a busy week ahead.
I've got a test on Thursday, and an assignment dued tomorrow....
Got programming lab work on Wednesday, which usually lasts a whole freaking day.
In other words, I aint got much time to prepare for my test the next day.
On top of that, Ive preparing a marketing presentation with my group for presentation next next week, and my Financial Accounting group has decided to start meeting for discussions.
cut me some slack man...

sometimes i really wish im a real cow.


Sunday, March 13, 2005

My Day, Saturday, In Game defeat... bah!

i just got out of a game,
A Warcraft 3 game.

tides of blood... for all those who doesn't know wad it is, its something like dota.
AND, my team got creamed bigtime!
Went down together with weehou and Kelvin, what could be more fun than that?
Spells, Arcanes, Counters, Carnivorous giant crabs and a chunk of meat who walks around digesting heroes in his belly. The stupid match dragged for 3 damn hours before we raise the white flag. It's ridiculous.

if you still dun understand my talk, then nvm....
but if your a guy and u dunt know whats a Warcraft3, then u got a problem.

funniest thing is, hey, im still suppose to be studying.
Ive got assignments undone and test unstudied. i skipped the Open House today so i can stay home to revise some of my work, but ended up loafin around anyway. When i finally got down to my study mood at around 6pm, Zengkun called, and asked me out for a movie with the gang.

its very unlike me, but i obliged.
well I guess sometimes in life you just gotta learn to say wtf

Nice movie, Robots, but rather typical storyline....something goes wrong somewhere and someone appears to do something to save the day. Argh, its 5am. Im suppose to be sleeping.
This addiction to warcraft is bad.... im getting drained of my time

Anyway, here's a nice picture of one of our sweet victories in the game.

- adorable abominations tearing down castle

The chunk of meat things carrying cleavers are called Abominations, and they look like my cousin. The objective, is to rip down that building u see there at the corner.
That's their castle.
and now Im off to my bed.
Sleep Time.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Speaking Up? TOKOK ' 05

Just got a first look at my blog template...

it sucks ... really ...
this shitz has really gotta go

Anyway, during the starting of this semester, I've been appointed as the Vice Project Director of a new project which NUSSU is launching.
It's the Speak Up Campaign, and my comm's objective will be to generate an avenue for student response. Some place for them to speak up, to voice their comments on stuffs.

Yesh, NUS ppl are sometimes waaaayyyy too quiet. But that's understandable, since the University Community is just another subset of our beloved country.
hmmm... no wonder blogs are getting popular. When you cant change reality, a fun way to make life slightly better will be to bitch about it. *without opening your mouth*

Well anyway, Jeremy has chosen a pretty crazy launch date for us, since we only got around 2 weeks before our official launch, starting from 2 weeks ago from this date. It's supposed to be launched in conjunction with another project from PRU, the Fest La Vie, a school level bazaar to be held at the Arts Central Forum. It's crazy ... not only becoz we have a darn short preparation time, but also coz it's a project which not many ppl will even bother to care about.

The project has been named TOKOK! And this is our logo.

-TOKOK'05 Official Logo!

To me *then*, it's unlikely we will be getting much response from the student body.
Yeah, many of us are sheeps, and our sole purpose in life is to obey our shepherds ... what's there to talk about anyway... kinda dumb. Zzzzz
*if you dun understand what im trying to say, then take it literally ... that should make more sense to you*

But well anyway, I must admit im rather surprised at the response we're receiving at our booths. Response is overwhelming, and we ran out of free gifts to giveaway, and even almost ran out of paper for ppl to post their colourful comments. I must say, we are a hit, and I do admit I've been proven wrong. Im happy for the success, and I'm thankful to my comm. Thank you everyone so much for taking time out your busy scheduale for managing this project. Ya all rockx!
In particular, Im bowled over by Gavin's enthusiasm in the project.
Hey Gav, if you're reading this,

*and to the girls, he's a single hunk also*

And check this out, we even got a silly mascot to back us up! Thanks to the assistance of the FLV comm, who chose the chicken suit in favour to our cock-related campaign. Dun ask me who's in da chicken suit, just know it aint me.

-Big Cock

AND here's an award winning pix of a chicken queueing up for chicken rice.

-Chicken Rice Queue at Bizad Canteen

And these are the topics that we've came up with for debating within the campus.
Day 1) Girls cant read maps! Only Guys can!
Day 2) Bizad Gals are more hip than Arts Gals
Day 3) Can ya find TRUE LOVE in NUS?
Day 4) Money, Brains or Looks for your other half?
Day 5) Is NUS boring?

cool eh? think about them

And this project is probably what inspiried me to revive my blog, i need an avenue to speakup.
This is my kind of campaign, born fer it.


My Launch

A handful of y'all out there might already know that I already have another blog page...
"cryhaven12@blogspot" to be precise. It's lying pretty dead now, with around 4 or 5 crappy posts with the last update in November 2004.
yayaya, it's dead

*dead dead dead dead dead*

.... no point visiting that place any longer, coz you wun be seeing any more updates from me in da future. You can still visit it though, just for the fun of reading outdated posts, or if u like the stupid template. Especially for Joy. Since you're the one who bugged me into getting my own blog.

Im supposed to be doing my Physics online assignment now actually, but the questions reminded me that I've forgotten all the formulas Im suppose to know.
Hmm... surfed around MSN and saw some of my frens putting up their blogsites as their nick. Visited the sites, read the shitz, and Im pretty impressed by some of the templates that my friends have created for themselves.
People these days are really getting more tech literated... probably in a few year's time you'll get laughed at if you don't know HTML or JAVA. And probably in another few year's time mankind will start talking to each other in html ...
Argh... crap.

Quoting what my sister has posted up previously in her blog, "12 years old are creating webpages that looks so prefessionally designed"
Hell yeah, darn true, welcome to the virtual dimension.
Pregnant mummies will start shopping for palmtops for their babies to play with.

Anyways, i decided to re-launch my blog. weeee!!
So at least i'll have an avenue to speak up, to rant and to complain about this imperfect world we live in, and the imperfect life Im currently having.
Face it, very often, reality sux. If you can do nothing to change it, and you dun feel like going along with it, the next best alternative you can probably come up with is to bitch about it. That's what blogs are for yeah?

Hell Yeah! Screw Y'all. =P

K, this shall be my launch message...
more precised categoried shitz will follow under a different header topic.

P.S : My english sux, I aint really a fluent writer ... but who cares. Not me anyway.