Sunday, September 25, 2005

MidTerm Blues

Mug mug mug ... what a week.
Literally the entire week spent behind my study desk at home flipping thru notes and books, and its supposed to be my term break. My lecturers really know how to put down a student's holiday mood, ack.

Good thing though, that it gave me some sort of motivation to finally catch up on 2 of my tougher modules. However, being the nerd that I am, i actually forced myself to skip a few fun events during the week i was initially looking forward to, all for a few extra hours of revision. There was Huiching's birthday Bash at Timbre with EIC, booze and women, as well as Sin Chang's FOCC dinner treat on Friday in campus. I hope they don't hate me for this, hahaha. And if YOU happen to be amongst those who kept trying to get me out that Wednesday evening,

please try to stare at the picture below for around 10 seconds before proceeding to the message that follows:

Im sorry!!! Sincerely really very sorry!!! 对不起!!! 非常非常对不起!! Aku Sunguhh minta maaf!! =(

*please scroll down*

If you buy that, please put a tag on my blog to say that u forgive me, and you'll continue to share your booze with the alcohol-starved Janus. Wahaha!!

Sometimes, in this sense, I guess i wasn't exactly practicing what i preached (read previous blog entry) in life, but what can i do for now? Haha, im groomed and brought up in an environment that sooo encourages nerdhood. Guess this is one of my major spiritual handicaps bah...


Once in a while the writer of this blog gets sick of mugging, and starts taking pictures of his
surroundings just for fun.

Presenting ...... My study Desk!!!

and next we have ...

The Giant Tree outside my window !!!

I always think its the tallest structure around my neighbourhood.

I rummaged through my study drawer hoping for some source of entertainment ... and I came across something interesting. Check it out, it's my "Note to Future Self".

Haha, this might sound silly to some people, but i have a knack to scribble some messages on a note pad, then stash it away somewhere where the future me can find it again. It doesn't always have to be reminders to do this and that, but most of what i wrote are just simply records of what i had been doing then, maybe some greeting messages as well to lighten up my current mood. Haha, this one reads ...

"Keep your tutorials neat! and staple them together with the solutions for easy reference... avoid tea/coffee at night to prevent sleeplessness, and drink some warm milk or milo to induce sleepiness for insomia nights....... Im studying EE (Electrical Engineering module) now, Good day? =) "

I wrote this when i was mugging for my exams last semester, almost 5months ago ... and you can probably guess that I was having trouble falling asleep at night. Haha, its kinda cute, something like an email to your future self. I'd write myself a nice future note, put it away somewhere, forgot about it for a few months and chance upon it a long time later. Some of you guys may find it wierd, but its quite delighting for me to be able to read up about what I myself am thinking and doing back then, in a totally different situation from what I am going thru right now.

What do you think?

Go Figure!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

All I ask for a Haven.

A comfortable chair, a good book, and a decent cup of coffee or tea.

That's all I ask to make my day. Ever since the new Spinelli outlet came to NUS in the University Hall, I've been patronizing it every now and then ... sometimes up to 3 times per week. Usually, Id order a simple coffee to lift my spirits, complemented with a hard piece of almond biscotti. I always choose the seats overlooking the glass panel over to those cosy sofas. There's nothing spectecular out there to be seen though ... but for some reason the simple scenery of the fountain injects me with ease. After settling down on my chair, Id just grab my book and read my heart out for the next few hours ... sipping my coffee and taking a bite out of my snack in between.

It really enlightens the soul ... to be away from the noisy routines of campus life once in a while. I guess this is not a really popular practice with most people though ... haha, many others around me are either discussing projects or doing tutorials. I guess Im different in some ways. There's no way one can completely eliminate the burdens and problems in your life without confronting them, but there are certainly ways to help people feel more receptive to them. This is one of my methods. All the time in the world, just to yourself and your soul within. These are the moments when you can finally think through your own life without the influence of other voices. In other words, personal reflections. One can sit through his session for hours without muttering a single word, yet learning so much more than can ever be taught from the books in a day. For a while, I am truely at peace with myself.

People often get caught up doing the things that they thought are important in life ... and after the endless routines are established, noone finds the reason to break out of them. Id really feel sad for anyone who continues his mindless cycles till the day of his passing. Us, for instance; We have spent a third of our lifetimes chasing after a piece of degree. Has anyone ever really slowed down and pondered .. "Is that all to life?" or "Is there anything else i can embark on?". Let's think about this ... will you rather chase after your own dream, your one true childhood career, or will you prefer to get entangled in the ancient strands of "destiny" set up by the cogs of progress in our mad society. My guess is, most of us will have probably chose the former when asked. As we all grow old, most of us will have probably diverted from that initial decision either consciously, or subconsciously... What's truely important to you? What do you cherish? What does your heart look out for in your future...?

Are you at peace with yourself?

We all need teachers in life. We all do ... someone to light our paths to keep us from straying from our dream.

Next time if you're looking for me during one of my free periods, you'll know where to find me.
Cheers =)

By the Way ... the book Im reading now is called "Tuesdays with Morrie", and I highly reccomend it.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

My Centennial Log!! Dr William Tan, the Living Legend

What a day ... WHAT A DAY.

Today's the DBS NUS Heritage Run event, a 10km fun run/walk that starts from the Bukit Timah Campus all the way to the NUS Sports Track. There's also a Centennial Carnival going on down at the SRC field, and many more other events happening at the same place. Now that the day is over, Im glad that I was dragged by Sin Chang into joining the organising committee a month ago. The salary for my efforts is one thing, but the experiences gained today goes a far longer way than any other rewards.

Heritage Run

The day got off to a lousy start coz of the bloody weather. It started to pour at around 6am, and things began to go wrong. Many marshallers were late due to the rain. The heritage run flag off timing has to be extended from 7.30am till 8.40am. The marshallers were deployed late, and so were the waterpoints. The initial plan was for me to slack inside the ambulance throughout the event, but i somehow took up the marshallering manager's job due to some logistics cock up. Again, many thanks to the bloody weather for this.

There's a convoy of vehicles following a distance behind the last runner. All the marshallers and logistics equipment will be picked up after the last runner went past them. I had hoped for this to be a smooth operation. I do not believe there's any way for us to finish collecting all the marshallers anytime later than 10.30am. That's about 2 hours from the flag off timing. Even if the participants were to walk casually all the way from BTC to NUS, they should have more than enough time to reach the NUS campus. A bunch of girls proved me wrong. Personally, I do not doubt their ability to walk 10km in less than 2 hours, if they hadn't patronized MacDonalds halfway in their heritage run. That was probably the cause of the horrible delay in the logistics pack up.

Anyways, everything was sorted out eventually, after a few more trips to and from NUS to BTC. It had been quite fun, actually ... to be fully in charge of a bus full of First Aiders and Marshallers. Suddenlly feel very important, hahaha.

PRU Booth!!

PRU was given a booth for the Centennial Carnival a few days ago. After some brainstorming with Jeffery, we decided to sell Chicken Nuggets, French Fries and Lychee Syrup. Ok here's the dumb thing ... our booth is within a tentage in the middle of the SRC Sports Field. There's a regulation in NUS that prohibits us from cooking or frying anything at the stalls and booths without a proper licence. In other words, all food to be sold must be prepared beforehand elsewhere.

AND SO ... Our ever-resourceful PRU members came up with an outstanding never-before-seen logistics plan. We divided our manpower into 3 teams. A team to fry the food at the Old Kent Ridge Residence Pantry about 200 metres away, a team to deliver the food from the pantry to the booth, and a team to tend the booth and sell/market our wares. Wahaha, and in the end ... i think we still made a loss. But at least we got a lot of leftover chicken nuggets to eat ourselves. Taste quite nice.

Carnival Stage

Jesus JeSuS JEEE-SUS!!!

A 6-year old boy boy who plays the drums like a heavy metal rocker. Now I've really seen it all. I really need to go out more often.

This little dude's name is Evan or Evans. He's only six this year, and he learns the drums since he was only 2 years old.

God, if that's not talent, then i don't know what is. This puny looking kiddo here plays the drums like the King of Percussions. I don't even know how to hold a drum-stick properly.

Centennial Challenge by Dr.William Tan

This is one amazing guy. A true legend worthy of all compliments ... and I thought such people were already extinct. Though handicapped physically, Dr.Willian Tan's way stronger than most of us mentally. Since 8.30am, he has been racing around the SRC track continuously in an attempt to hit a 100km record. That's 250 rounds around the track ... on a wheel chair racer that looks kinda heavy to operate.

He accomplished his task at around 3pm ... after more than 6 hours of intensive propelling. All supporters ran alongside with him for his finale round, including the cheerleaders and myself. The atmosphere was truely glorious when he finally hit the finish line. The applause was insane, and Dr.Tan's face was beaming with joy after his victory.

This is a man built from willpower and strength alone. He has accomplished what most people with healthy legs could not. This guy has earned my admiration and respect on all levels, and perhaps Ill include his story on another post soon.
I see a hero in him.

Alhough I have a pair of healthy legs to walk with, Dr. William Tan is definately more complete a man than I am.

Friday, September 16, 2005

A New Dawn

Life indeed is full of surprises.

A year ago I stepped into the realm of PRU with a bunch of friends, under the influence of some of my Union Camp seniors. I didn't know what PRU was, neither did I know how it functions. I just went along with the flow. I even had the mindset to leave the club halfway, since I was prepared to commit to the NUS Taekwondo Club...

One fine night, everyone was summoned to attend the Annual General Meeting. I went, and sat through the session with a blank mind. Little did I expect that I'll walk away that night becoming the Creative Manager of PRU, with around 20 members under my charge. I struggled to sleep that very night ... I cant. Im nervous about the challenges ahead, and Im not sure if I know what i just accepted.

A year later, I was again summoned to the Annual General Meeting. I had told everyone that Im not running for any new post, but little did I know that I'll eventually leave the Lecture Theatre becoming the Vice Chairperson of PRU. For that decision, I have my supportive friends to thank ... whom constantly nominated me and urged me to reconsider. Honoured by everyone's sincereity, I revoked my initial decision.


and ...

this shall be a good year for the NUSSU Public Relations Unit. We had created mircales within our beloved campus, and no doubt we shall do it again. Once more, from our revolutionary projects we shall weave the webs of unity to link the entire campus. All Halls, all faculties, all clubs and all students shall revel together in joy and work under the same common flag as one single entity. New lessons will be learned, and new alliance forged while the old ones renewed. Not only will we see progress, but all shall witness evolution. Cheers to all, and I raise a glass of virtual champange in everyone's honour with the backdrop of this glorious New Dawn.

Good things.

Good times.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Thinking Thru ...

Janus is stressed.

He's got mountains of work piled up high in his face, with barely enough time to even look through them. Maybe it's his time management skills, or maybe he's just plain lazy. However, that doesn't change the fact that he is stressed. Through the weekends, he has been stuck to his desk trying to chew down all the information from the lecture notes. That is, if he's not scribbling away at some tutorials or assignments dued in the coming week. It was weeks ago since he visited anywhere else other than school. Janus wonders if this is it to life, the constant routine of school and home which repeats itself every week. He also wonders why he is writing in third person. Janus thinks a lot when he has a little free time.

Janus wants a life. Or rather, he want more out of life away from the books and notes. He decides to find time to resume his weekly swim in NUS. He also hopes to catch a movie sometime this week. He especially wants to watch the picture "March of the Penguins". It is a documentary movie about penguins. Janus likes animals, and he likes documentaries, and he thinks penguins are pretty cute. He wonders who he should call along to accompany him. Maybe he can organise a gathering, or maybe he can date some girl out. Then after that, maybe he can do a little shopping in Takashimaya, and perhaps chat over a cup of coffee at a cafe.

Janus is going to attend the PRU (Public Relations Unit) Annual General Meeting this Friday. He wonders if he should run for any of the management committee posts. He doesn't want to be the new Chairperson or Vice-chairperson. He craves to do projects, and hopes to obtain a place in the new Student Leaders' Camp committee. He doesn't mind being the Project Director or Vice Project Director for the camp. However, Janus has another commitment in December, during the period of the camp. He might have to go for his jaw operation in December, and will probably be bedridden for a while. How is he to help out in the committee then? Janus is sad, he wants to help out in the committee, but he's also afraid to burden his friends if he really does have to be absent. He has been troubled with this matter for a while. He tried to make a decision, but he just couldn't seem to come up with any good solution. Maybe he needs a break, or maybe he needs a vacation.


Saturday, September 03, 2005

Haven of Dreams

Tongcai asked me about my ambition, and i told him what I have been telling myself for the past 5 years.

I want to become an Engineer, one whom specialises in the research of cutting-edge technology that will probably take everyone to a new era of progress. Nanotechnology ... Microelectronics ... Robotics ... subjects which I hope to get involved in the future.

And then he asked me ...
"But what is your ideal ambition? If you can break free from the repeating burdens of progress and evolution, and if you can achieve whatever you hope to achieve in an ideal dreamlike environment..."

This question made me ponder on something which I haven't think about for ages ... it certainly brings back much childhood memories, those days when I would just sit by the swing in my Grandma's garden thinking about my future. Unsure of what the true face of society resembles, I can only dream. An astronaut? A pilot? A teacher? A comic book artist ...

I want to be an artist, and paint the face of the world as it was made to be seen by Mother Nature herself. Unexplored paradises untainted by human influence, a touch of nature with her magic undisturbed. To forever live in a world of colours and fantasy, free from the smokes of competition and noises from the cogs of progress.

I want to be a wanderer, free as the wind with neither worries nor obligations. To walk as far as my feet can bring me, and to watch the sights which we have overlooked in our daily drive towards progress.

"And you?" I asked Tongcai ...

A farmer. To learn the Earth in its purest form. To understand the basic creation of Mother Nature, to see and appreciate the life residing in every seed. Blend in with nature herself, and learn to adapt to whatever is offered around us, instead of forcing our environment to adapt to us.

Food for thought? Indeed ...
A toast to the dreamers.

Cheers. =)

Friday, September 02, 2005


Something's wrong with me.
I don't feel right.

My appetite's increased, and i get hungry more often.
I go for seconds more frequently during my lunch breaks.
I tire out easily, especially when i'm doing my tutorials.
Im also getting these dizzy spells once in a while.

I think Im pregnant. One of you must have done it.
Ok who was it?
Own up now.