Thursday, September 28, 2006

Short Discussion on "Bed"

A silly rebuttal to Weihao's tagboard tag, since I got nothing better to do except my module readings.

First, here's a picture of my old "bed" in my room.

Now refer to

the WikiPedia Defination of "Bed"

"A bed is a piece of furniture or location primarily used or intended for sleeping upon, but which can serve other functions as well. Beds come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Early beds were little more than piles of straw or some other natural materials. An important change was raising them off the ground, to avoid drafts, dirt, and pests.

To make beds more comfortable, the top layer is frequently a mattress. Originally these were bags of straw for most people and filled with feathers for the wealthy. Eventually new fillings such as cotton and artificial fillers became common. In modern times most mattresses use springs, solid foam, water, or air.

The second layer is the box spring. The box spring or "divan" is a large mattress-sized box containing wood and springs that provide additional support and suspension for the mattress.

The third layer is the bed frame. The bed frame lifts the mattress/mattress-box spring off the ground."

Wahaha, so I resume my stand!! After 10+ years I'm finally the proud owner of a BED!!

Bow to me!!

Janus is King!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Labs, Booze, and a Bak Chor Mee place

Today is an outstanding day.

Despite the fact that I'm suppose to be enjoying my 1 week mid-semester break from the usual school routine of a typical-chow-mugger-engineer, my lab session have been conveniently schedualed at 9am today in school. So I woke up from my beauty sleep at 8.00am, and realised that I've got the dates wrong ... since my usual lab sessions falls on Fridays only, while today is Tuesday.

So I happily went back to sleep, only to wake up a 2nd time later to realize that I've dreamt up the part about myself getting the lab dates wrong. In other words, my lab is indeed today. Freakin Hell man... It's 8.40am already. I reached the lab at 9.20am, and realised that Tongcai didn't even know that there is a lab session today. And so he woke up only at 9.00am ... yay I'm not alone, that's why we're buddies.

Went out with my Army pals in the evening. Went to this great Bak Chor Mee stall along Katong, but i ordered Pork Chop Mee instead. Interesting that they serve their Mee using black bowls, with designs that look like those from Japanese restuarants. Maybe they're trying to pass off their dishes as Ramens. Soon we'll see Ter Kua Ramen being sold in Ajisen Ramen, and perhaps some Mai Hum Ramen also.

Sang for 3 hours in KTV at Katong Shopping Centre ... my first KTV session since I got my new jaw. I'm not really in a singing mood anyway, so spend most of the time trying to stay awake listening to other people sing. Went over to Mark's house to drink at 11pm, and we played a silly drinking game to get everyone drunk. Juices/Plain water/Soft Drinks/Alcohol/Red Bull were mixed together into weird concotions to be consumed by the loser as forfeit. Amazingly, I didn't drank any of those nightmares, while a few of my frens actually downed a few glasses of those stuff. The only forfeits i received was 2 slices of mooncake and a full bottle of water ... not that it was intentional, but luck was really with me.

After a few rounds ...

I got a new furniture in my room. After so many years, I'm finally the proud owner of a bed. Yay, so i'm gonna celebrate my excitement by sleeping early on my new bed tonight. Any one who disturbs my slumber shall be executed. Soon i might be planning a welcome party for this latest member to my room.

A lovely addition to my room!!

By the way, Hady is the new Singapore Idol. I can already predict where he'll be 1.5 years from now.

7-11 of coz, holding a big gulp.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Short Milk Discussion

The PRU Annual General Meeting ended pretty earlier today.

Due to the lack of attendance, it has been decided to postpone the nominations and elections of the squad leaders. I guess it's only fair that way ... since the nominated leaders will have a full year's term ahead of them, we should make their stepping up as formal and official as possible.

Went for my weekly 4km run around NUS campus tonight, around 11.30pm. First time i completed my route without stopping at all, feel so damn proud of myself. Now I'm ready for the next Army Half Marathon next year. Yay!

I shall increase the distance for my next running session.

Went to Cheers after my shower at YIH. Bought a 500ml carton of Magnolia fresh milk. I looked around for the ever-so-common "Low Fat" label on the carton, but cant find. So i guess this is a carton of "High Fat" milk. I drank it anyway, and damn it taste good.

Super Good.

Because of all the healthy Low Fat Milk in the market, I've forgotten the good taste of traditional High Fat Milk. Its really yum!

Conclusion: High Fat Milk taste better than Low Fat Milk

Monday, September 18, 2006

Singaporean Seafood

Janus ... in YIH study room ... sick from watching webcasts ... decides to blog

on an outdated topic made popular by the famed blogger, Mr Brown. (

What makes me Singaporean?


That all my fish come in balls and all my crabs come in sticks...

Nyahahahahahaha... back to work.
Get on with your lives.

Temporal Shifts in the LT

i suspect my lecture buddy is a mutant.

During our lectures, he is able to shift into a temporal state which encompasses a higher level of thinking ability. The transition is gradual ... he'd slowly allow his eyelids to open and close at an increasing rate, after which they'd be closed completely over an extended period of time. By then his consciousness will have already drifted into a higher plane alien to mortals. The head of his physical body, which is now but an empty shell, can be observed to be constantly nodding back and forth, heavy with the information his brain is processing and absorbing limitlessly.

This temporal state is often easily mis-intepreted by uninitiated mortals as "sleeping", which is a useless past time one undertakes frequently to recharge his or her brain cells after they have been drained from thinking. This confusion is often due to the similarities in body posture and movement between the temporal thinker and the sleeper. The difference, however, becomes apprent when the temporal thinker awakens from his meditation, which can happen unexpectedly without warning. His eyes will open and he'd immediately fix his gaze upon the lecture slides ahead with zero time lag. The explained theories and subjects touched upon during his temporal meditation would have already been implanted into his mind with remarkable clarity. Mentally, he would have already compiled a list of intelligent qustions to ask those around him for further enlightenment on the lectured topics.

At the end of the day, he'd be the one who walks away with the greatest understanding on what has been taught.

At the end of the semester, he'd be the one who walks away with a CAP score that'll put the rest of us to shame.

He is none other than the demi-god, Cher Jing Ting.

Temporal State of Greater Thinking, notice the glow that surrounds the proximity of his body

Friday, September 01, 2006


everything is breaking down.
everything is breaking apart, all at once.
Why must you be so damn bloody stubborn?

that's it.