Sunday, May 14, 2006

Fly FLy aWaY!

我走了 !! 大家保重喔!


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hoot Hoot

Went Hooters with a Siyong, Nimales, Grace and Pei Lin.

Dunno why the girls chose that place ... we paid $180 for a meal which aint very filling, but i kept emphasizing that at hooters its normal to pay more than what the meal is worth. Haha, you're paying for the visual appetizers there as well. The waitresses are hot man, some of them on fire. Eye candies everywhere, we're surrounded by them. Oh my f**king gawd, tight fitted sweet mommas in heaven...


then we went Rouge to drink somemore.

hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot

Friday, May 12, 2006

Makan Sutra

Guys Day Out ...

The ol'gang is having another one of their LAN cum anime outings ...

We're suppose to meet at 12.30pm at Katong Shopping Centre, but Weehou arrived gloriously late at 1.30pm. Then he blamed it on the Fujitsu people for making him wait so long at the Service Centre. That's why I always say ... buy Japanese laptop must buy Toshiba. Reliable and good. Smash won't break, drop won't spoil. That's why i always think Xintian is very smart.

Then we went Katong and had Katong Laksa for lunch.

Then we went to play LAN at Katong Shopping Centre.

Then we had Katong Laksa for dinner.

Then came back to my house to watch anime.

Then we ordered 2 large pizza for supper.

Then we watched more anime.

Then we bought Chips and Salsa for midnight snack.

Then we watch more anime until 4am then sleep.

Then we woke up and went to eat Nasi Lemak for lunch.

Im happy that we chionged finish all 51 episodes of Full Metal Alchemist though, its been dragging for ages. Time to move on to a new anime.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I think i've picked up a new hobby.

yay, shopping.

Out of the blue, i decided I needed more new clothes, and happily jioed Kelvin go Orchard walk walk. That was yesterday.
*Actually we spent the last night at my house with chipmonk watching anime*

We went to Heeren, and we browsed a few shops before concluding its quite a sucky place for men's clothes. We went over to Takashimaya, and bumped into Kelvin Tang with a sore throat. Nao Hiah disturb me inside the dressing room. He was shopping with a couple of Fyre freshies. So old already still want to buaya young girls, sian la. We talk awhile then left them alone liao. Both me and Kelvin needed new bags, and there's a good shop at PS dealing in a great variety of sling bags and pouches. So we went over, to find the shop dissappear liao. Turned into some weird shop selling nonsensical things. Anyways, we bumped into more familiar people at PS. While traveling down the escalator I suddenlly notice the woman in front of me got a very familiar face, and the guy beside her got an even more familar face. So qiao, we bumped into Shanshan, Jeffery and Wenhui. One glance can tell is ShanShan already actually, she forever wear that white tank top one. Macam hantu float here float there, wahahaha. She confirm will kill me when she read this post, butthen i going overseas liao. So ... neh neh ni neh neh, bleahhh.

Went Yoshinoya makan, then go home liao.

Today i damn 神。

My BHBH2 meeting was at 10am, but i misread the email and tot it was 2pm. I had another meeting today with some staff from NUS Com Centre at 2pm actually, so i pushed the Com Centre meeting to 10am so that i can attend the "2pm" BHBH meeting. We talked about some events stuff until 11am, then i loafed around the campus looking for food and friends.

I went to NUSSU Sec, and accidently dropped a thumbtack inside Jeremiah's tea. But he was not around, so I left a post-it note on the mug to warn him don't drink.

around 12.30pm, i even sms-ed Meishan to ask her where we meeting at 2pm. When she call me to tell me they meet at 10am, I almost peed my pants man. Damn jialat, even more paiseh.

Rushed over to KR Hall. Learn Hip Hop dance and belly dancing. I so fat how to dance? Zhaoyuan still ask me do hip hop stunts. Siaow la, I not Malay, I only know how to eat pork. Belly dancing still can, coz i got beer belly, better than Gavin's 6 pack.

come home 3pm, sleep until 6pm.

Then I decided i still need more new clothes.

Then drove to Parkway Parade shopping again. Yay.
Tomorrow I going Orchard again.

damn, im one busy cow.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Where lies the boundary between reality and illusion?
Is there a boundary to even start off with?
Or are realities meant to be blurred unpredicatably into the fields of the deceptive illusions?

I thought I had grasp it all, to understand this emotion after much studying and isolation. The reason was near, but the nearer it got the blurrer it became, until it completely faded when issues became the most convincing. It's there, but I can't reach it ... near yet far, real yet illusive.

I've spent time chasing after dreams. But was it meant to be? If good dreams were to end with a bad fall when the night fades, then I'd rather there be no dreams at all. We met, we laughed, we held on fast ... and then we said a silent goodbye. You may never know how i feel ... you don't need to anyway. We're all born with the ability to remember ... a talent or a curse in different time and context.

If the impact is deep, even the rains of time won't allow us to forget...

Maybe I'm asking too much of you.
Forgive me ...
I haven't forgotten my promise.

Indeed ... a dream that comes true, is not a real dream.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Japan Hour

Warning, the images that follow may cause severe unrest and visual disturbance for the faint hearted. If you are easily induced to an uncontrolable violent behavior from sights of tempting images, please skip this post.

... finally, I found time to dine at Kikuzawa with Kelvin, as well as fulfilling my Programs Head treat to Amy for the last Rag and Flag project. Just take the images in, I'm not gonna type any descriptions. Bleah. Tze Hwee and Jocelyn, dun forget to bug your Programs head for a similar treatment after Rag also understand?

That's it, done, finish.
Ok wipe your mouth dry.
Bye bye.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


finally ... back to blogsphere, though I'm pretty sure I've lost 99% of my readers due to my inactivity. Exams are over, and so is this semester, and I'm looking forward to my 3 months vacation that begins today.

Well ... I'm not gonna indulge in the usual flurry of colourful holiday activities this time. I've made a small resolution to break off from life a little. Many things have happened since the year began, many things that i haven't seen or experienced before, things that set me thinking ...


for so long..
I've been going around doing things I thought I'd enjoy,
I've confided in people who I thought would care.
I've tried to lend my assistance to ppl whom I thought would appreciate,
And everytime, I strived to do what I thought was right.
Sometimes it brought me fulfilment, other times it left me empty and drained emotionally.

so ... im breaking off a little I guess, instead of searching for dreams outside of me, I'm looking within me.

I need a vacation, just me and my humble soul.