Friday, October 21, 2005

Time Wasting Personality Tests

Your Summer Ride is a Jeep

For you, summer is all about having no responsibilities.
You prefer to hang with old friends - and make some new ones.
What's Your Summer Ride?

You Are Japanese Food

Strange yet delicious.
Contrary to popular belief, you're not always eaten raw.
What Kind of Food Are You?

Your Inner Child Is Surprised

You see many things through the eyes of a child.
Meaning, you're rarely cynical or jaded.
You cherish all of the details in life.
Easily fascinated, you enjoy experiencing new things.
How Is Your Inner Child?

Your Hair Should Be Pink

Hyper, insane, and a boatload of fun.
You're a traveling party that everyone loves to follow.
What's Your Funky Inner Hair Color?

PINK??!!? This is sick ...! PRU themed huh ...

Monday, October 17, 2005

At Yer Service!!

Im in the mood for bitching about things again, and I've chosen our country's service sector as tonight's subject. Im gonna bitch about it just like our beloved PM Lee during his National Day Rally Speech.


Seriously, what do we think of service today? Is it essential at all?
I'm not referring to those kind of direct services that earns you cash in exchange for your politeness, tolerance etc for more than 5 mintues. For instance, beauty consultants, doctors, Geylang ayams ... These people spend a large part of their profession attending to individual customers for long sessions.Personalized services, yeah. Their goody manners come with their jobs, and they'd probably see an immediate decline of customers if they lack them.

What I'm talking about is ... the kind of jobs in which the people face each individual customer for only a short while ... like 2 minutes perhaps or less. They'd probably get away with it clean even if their attitude wasn't very nice to the people they serve. For instance, hawkers, cashiers, shopkeepers etc. Hmm .. I don't really know if there's a term to define these kinda service jobs... but you get the idea. =p

I went to the petrol station just now for gas. A pump attendant spotted my car and directed me with a wave towards one of the pumps. After i disengaged my engine and step out of my car, I saw the guy smiling at me, even lowering his head a little in welcome. He asked me what gas I'd like to use, and made a friendly wave towards the different petrols they offer. I felt good, a simple gesture such as this can really help to brighten up my day a little more. I went on to shop around in the Tiger Mart as the attendant pumped my gas. As i was making the payment, I noticed that the cashier was constantly smiling at me, and she began to introduce to me some new offers they're having. After our transaction, she thanked me in a friendly tone. When i left the petrol station, I was indeed feeling way better than when I just arrived.

That's the magic of good service. Sadly, not many people out there adhere to this ... since they wun really be making additional cash from smiling more or saying a simple "thank you". Sometimes in this darned society, anything that doesn't make extra cash isn't worth attempting. It won't make much of a difference to the NUS Biz Canteen Western Food uncle's wallet whether he treats each student with respect or not. Many of my friends have been insulted by him whenever they took up more than 10 seconds of his time in their purchase ... whether by asking for the price of a certain special food combi, or by not making their orders fast enuff whenever he gestured to them for orders ... yeah Im talking about his infamous "Next Please!" bit. Its rude ... though chances are people will still remain in his line for good western cuisine, this kinda treatment probably spoils your day and destroys a good mood.

This is far from an issue to do with monetary gains. Rather, it's got more to do with morals and the good willed nature of human beings. That's what many Singaporeans lack today I believe... Saying a simple "thank you" may not really make u any richer, but knowing that you made someone's day is really a gift worthy enough. You may not feel it as much as the customer, but it's really there, and YOU know it. It really makes a load of a difference whether you smile at your customer and thanking him while looking at him in the eye, or when you look away from the customer and bleaked a mono-tone "Tang Que!". Quoting myself from a previous post, "we should learn to treat others more seriously" ... this applies even when you face people for less than a minute.

What I believe ... or rather my idealogy, is that everyone around us should really be treated as a friend, until they appear hostile to you. In that sense, even a passing stranger on the road is more of a friend than an enemy to us. All these is based on the assumption of the good-natured personality of humans in general. Also, human are social creatures, and we tend to feel good if treated well, even from someone we met just 5 seconds ago. Ok, that's common sense, but how many of us really see the point in that? Why spoil a day when you can make it brighter instead?

Though there're many others like me whom preached good service, many desired it solely for improving the image of the organisation. It does help, but that definately isn't the main point of it all, no? This is a feeling which comes from the heart, a special kind of "professionalism" in service with no strings attached. We shouldn't do this just coz it'll leave a good image and impression of Singapore in the minds of tourists ... if that's really the sole purpose, then there's not much worth in that extra smile or handshake.

Treat others more seriously... learn to love.


Am i thinking too much? Is it this society or is it just me?
Hahaha, perhaps the night is getting to me. Gd Nitez!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

7 things

7 things that scare me
1. Lonliness
2. Examination Stress
4. Death ... of those dear to me
5. Girls taller than me who still wear high heels
6. Rejection from friends and loved ones
7. Driving while relying on other people's directions

7 things that I like most
1. Having friends around to hang out with
2. Sleeping without setting the alarm
3. Completion of a project/tutorial
4. Someone whom I can really talk to ...
5. A good book, a good cup of coffee, and a comfortable chair
6. Sushi !!
7. Designing, Publicity related assignments

7 important things on me or in my room
1. My laptop
2. My amulet
3. My Handphone
4. My bed
5. My wallet, IC, money blah
6. My priceless Magic Card collection
7. My Piyo Piyo stuffed toy from Union Camp

7 random facts about me
1. A japanese food fanatic who always dine at Genki sushi... juz coz its near
2. I dun play/watch soccer
3. I always want to be closer to nature
4. I think a darn lot about life ... this and that. Not very "engineer-like"
5. Damn I love beer.
6. I dun quite like the way PAP is running our country. bleah
7. I have the ability to de-activate alarm clocks in my sleep

7 things I plan to do
1. Do my tutorials more often and pay attention to lectures
2. Wash and wax my car more often
3. Finally start working on my diet
4. Go swimming and jogging more often
5. Get a doggy, a pug actually... gonna have it soon
6. Treat people around me more seriously
7. Cultivate myself in the Arts

7 things I can do
1. Disturbing people frequently, call people up to tok
2. Design!! I love Adobe!!
3. Doing intra-veneous infusion on my friends
4. Do Splits !
5. I can do Algebra also
6. Go town find cafe read book drink coffee alone for the whole day
7. Sleep in lecture, and listening to the lecturer in my dream

7 things I can't do
1. Sleep less than 5 hours per day
2. Grow taller
3. Take good pictures, damn i hate cameras
4. Touch my nose with my tongue
5. Drive confidently around without relying on my road directories
6. Going thru more than a month without sushi
7. Stay quiet for too long

7 words /phrases I say most
1. Chill man!
2. Jesus!!
3. To Jingting-> How how how?? Jingting's usual reply-> Die lah!
4. Freakin Hell!
5. Can Be Done!
6. Steady La!
7. Today i feeling very sian ...

Thanks Vignesh for this time-wasting thingie

Sunday, October 09, 2005

My Cultural Definations

Xintian told me that my blog is good, and that I should make it a habit to update it more often. Im so honoured! Hahaha.

When i started out blogging, I decided to make my blog a journal for my own personal view points and emotions, rather than the usual daily log and schoolday whinings. Somehow I like it that way better, everyone's life routines in NUS are more or less the same these days. I prefer to probe the mind, and maybe redefine certain things in my own right. Heh, but coz of this I dun usually get much things to blog about. It really depends on when my inspirations come ... and even when they do, school work and tutorials come first.

The progress of mankind has kinda set up a social culture that many of us readily take into our pace through life. Study thru childhood, work thru adulthood, and quite often seeing happiness in terms of monetary benefits and material gains. To many, money has become a god. Having a bigger car or a smaller MP3 player than your friends became a dominant way of achieveing happiness or satisfaction. I've read up a little on this issue, as well as talked to some friends about it. What is it with this society...

It is true that we cannot easily break free from this "standard" life cycle that we have subconsciously established. It really takes a nut to decide to quit his job and run naked down a field of lushful greenery just to savour the taste of freedom. Its not easy to simply quit the books now just because we want to live life our own absolute way, whatever that is. We'll probably end up nowhere in the future, and that really sounds unacceptable eh? Such is the curse of modern society. So ... am i contradicting myself with this?

Well ... this is my reply.... I do not mean that we all should disregard every traces of the modern society system. Hierachy, Progress, Politics, blah blah blah, all these sickening logics can stay as much as the people cries out for them. But instead of completely indulging yourself in this "default culture", why not keep an open mind and build yourself a unique sub-culture which is true and appreciated by yourself? There's no rule for us to completely adhere to what our ancestors have passed down, no?

I still read my lecture notes, I still mug for my tests, and I still hope to drive a bigger car.
But the difference is, I see much more in life than just all these. I pay attention to the people around me, I train myself to see not just the flower but to appreciate its scent and i learn to find the pleasure in making others smile. I don't become any richer from all these, but I'm certainly happier for some reason. In short, learn to love. I don't mean love in a guy girl relationship, but love in general. Even when u dislike someone, try to give them a wave instead of the finger. See the joy in giving things over the pleasure in receiving them. The world really looks so much brighter that way, and this will definately become a much better place to live in.

In a way, the blind often sees what many others can't. In my own words, they may be plagued with the curse of darkness, but they see more colours in life than us.

The best things in life are free.
Indeed, but how many of us really know what that means?