Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Janus Janus Janus

Janus' laptop has been sent for repairs for a week or so.

Janus won't be able to log in to facebook for a week or so.

Janus won't be able to update his blog unless his collegue goes for a shit, then he can take over his laptop. (as is the case now)

Janus is thinking he should crash Union Camp either Thursday or Friday (Double O)!

Janus went Kbox to sing song drink honey lemon eat tidbits with girl-girl for 5 hours yesterday.

Janus sang a few oldies at his internship company (DSI) Karaoke Day today.

Janus thinks his name is cool.

Janus has an evil girlfriend.

Janus loves fish.

Janus is mooning at you.

Janus is looking for gymming khakis. 6pm on weekdays NUS gym.

Concordantly, vis-a-vis, ergo

Monday, July 09, 2007


Janus is the proud owner of a PLAYSTATION 2 !!!

Helloooooo all-the-nice-RPG-games-that-have-been-released-over-the-past-7-years!!!

Good Byeeee life!!!


ah hem ...

So i sacrificed one of my gym sessions last week, and head over to Sim Lim Square for my PS2 console. I wanted a cheap set ... (and probably so does the rest of the world). But no, i mean ... cheap, as in really really cheap, maybe even dirt cheap, but just cheap. I'm not gonna game hunt, but already have a few games in mind that i really want to complete. The God of War series, the Final Fantasy series, the Kingdom Hearts series, blah blah.

So that's why i want a cheap set.

From my research, the old PS2 console (the big bulky version) has been discontinued by Sony, and is replaced by the new PS2 Slim. I asked all the Ah Beng shopkeepers in Sim Lim. Most of them only look tough, but I doubt many know their stuffs ... I even saw one swinging around a Nintendo Wii controller playing a tennis video game. He actually played quite well, must have trained up during all those hooting sessions. Very cool to see his Ang Kong moving around like that so professionally. It cost $230 for a modified PS2 Slim, and from what I've been told ... it needs an external cooling fan. That fan cost $30, woopee ... so it's like, $260 ++.

Is $260 anywhere near cheap? Anwer: No. It's not cheap, it's ex and its dear ... and its ridiculous. Sony sucks, and the CEO deserves to burn in hell.

After scanning the entire Sim Lim Square complex, i found a shop that still carries a couple of the old PS2 console. They're first hand, but problem is ... it ain't new either. The shopkeeper has been using it as a window display item for about one million years. It's dusty dusty dusty.

I manage to get it for $170, and spent another $30 for a memory card. Is that cheap? Answer: No. But whatever, at least i don't have to worry about getting a fan.


Went over to grandma's house late Friday to learn her secret recipe for the Yellow Ginger Chicken (黄姜饭) which sold so well during the NUS PRU FLV bazaar.

*by the way, i'm offering catering service for the above dish. Contact me if interested ... not that i expect anyone to actually bother about it.*

Friday, went over to Jocelyn house to watch Shrek 3 in a super lousy quality. Evening went to JB to celebrate Mervin and Hee Wei's birthday.

Sunday come home, and attended Shan Shan and Jeff's commencement ceremony. Its a rather heartwarming scene, seeing everyone wearing the square cap and all. Graduation is really a big deal, i feel, as opposed to what my silly girl friend thinks.

Like what I always told my frieshies during the FIC ceremony,

"Your journey will start at your Inauguration Ceremony, and end at your Commencement Ceremony".

Hmm ...


There're many things in life that doesn't actually NEED to be done. In other words ... even if it's not done, life still goes on normally for you, and it'll be neither better nor worse.

For instance, you don't really need to smile at the shopkeeper when you buy something from him/her. You don't really need thank the guy at the petrol kiosk for cleaning your windscreen (it's their job after all). You don't really need to wave thanks to the guy who slowed his vehicle just so that you can cut into a carline.

Yeah ... there're many things in life that really doesn't need to be done.

So the big question is ... will you still do it?

And if yes is your answer, why will you choose to do it? When you can blissfully ignore it and save a few seconds of your life?

Here's my answer: It may not make us much better or worse, but it definately makes others feel better. The story of a man's life doesn't only include the man himself, but also that of others around him. No matter how little, the fates of people are quite often interwined.

So to those who keep asking me "Why Bother?" in one way or another ...

Here's my answer to you : "Bllleeaaahhhhh. Phhhtt."

peace out.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Just Another Post

The time is 11.27pm. I'm at work now in DSI ... and it's almost lunch time. There's too little time to do anything useful before i grab my chow in the engine canteen, so I might as well use this short time to blog a little ... not that i expect anyone to read it. After my unpredicatable pauses in the intervals whereby i update my blog, I won't be surprised if my readers have all but dissipitated.

Oh whatever ... at least i know I have good ol FZK to check out my shit whenever he's too bored at work ... but i certainly hope that bugger will tag me more often.

And there's little Jocelyn who pops over to this webbie whenever she 's waiting for her bacterias to mass-produce and lay eggs or whatsoever.

I've made a big decision today ... biggest financial decision I've made for my own personal leisure. ($200 for my retainers and $150 for car repairs are necessary expenses ... and not for personal leisure). After work today at 6pm, first i'm gonna pick up girl-girl and then we'll head down to Parkway Parade ... and I'm gonna get myself a ...

* drumrolls *


weeee .... not a brand new one though, but a 2nd hand one. My budget will be around $130, I just wanna get it to finish up on a few RPG and RTS games ... After watching my cousins play God of War II on PS2, I'm finally convinced that I want a set. Woopee ~~~

I pondered about getting a brand new PS3, which comes at around $800. That way, I can play both PS2 and PS3 games, instead of sticking to PS2 games before i upgrade to PS3 3 or 4 years later when the price drops.

However ... i decided against that ... firstly to limit my leisure freedom becoz of the upcoming academic year, and secondly coz I'm not really game-hunting ... but rather already have a few games in mind that i really wanna play, namely God of War and Kingdom Hearts. That's why i will settle for nothing more than a cheap set.

*lunch break*

back ... girl-girl looks a bit sian1/2, coz i only managed to pei her for half hour eating in Engine Canteen. I messaged i have 1 hour plus lunch break, and arranged to meet her at 12.15pm ... assuming my colleagues and I reach there around that time. However, I estimated wrongly, and our lab actually went for lunch at 11.45pm. I ended up eating a 40 cents prata while waiting for girl-girl to arrive. Met girl-girl at 12.20pm, but by then i only have around 30min for lunch ... starting the count from 11.45pm. So that's why 30min ...


and i had a $1.80 Bak Chor Mee for lunch. Forgot to tell the Aunty i don't want Tao Geh.

found a picture of 鸡鸡 in my "received files" folder ...

My good buddies gave it to me at the airport when i was leaving for Philippines for my Overseas Community Project. I didn't bring it back though, but left it in the care of my foster family in Philippines as a token of my appreciation for their care.

I remember saying,
"I wanna leave a piece of myself here, so I'll leave 鸡鸡 here with you guys"

Now that i think of it ... i kinda miss it. And I miss "her" too.


alrighty, back to work.