Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I went gymming in the afternoon, kinda a last minute decision before heading to Orchard at night. Surprisingly, Weehou agreed to join me despite my very last minute jio-ing.

While we're busy beefing up ourselves up, the sky teared. The rain came down so heavily many gymmers were stuck outside the stadium waiting for the rain to stop, including those with umbrellas. Xiaohui was parked quite a distance away from the shelter ... and so was Weehou's bike, so we waited for around 15min for the rain to lighten up. It didn't. I'm running late, so I handed Weehou all my stuffs, and ran through the rain to Xiaohui.

Upon reaching Xiaohui, the bloody rain stopped ... and I was drenched like a soggy bread. I looked at the shelter where i ran from ... and Weehou was balonglong casually walking towards me. Wah Lan, i really feel like whacking him with the umbrella i just took out from Xiaohui's boot. But no lah ... it ain't his fault, right? After all he doesn't control the weather, but there's no way i can reach the rainclouds to whack it either. Besides, his bulging muscles doesn't make that a very wise decision.

I was drenched all over ... and to think I've just showered in the gym and changed into my outdoor clothes. Jesus ...

I drove to Orchard ... and the road was super jammed ... even worse than the peak hour jams on the expressway. I'm already 15min late ... felt very very bad making my friend wait for me.

Finally ... i reached the Cenileisure open air carpark. Parked my car ... and while i was tearing the coupons, i heard a loud bang and Xiaohui shook a little. I looked to my left and realised the driver to my left has opened his door into Xiaohui's left door. Furious, i wind down the window..

Me: "Excuse me, you knocked my car door?!"

Him: "Sorry Sorry! A little bit only!"

I got off Xiaohui, and stepped into a puddle of water ... my shoes were drenched again... Got even more frustrated... and I went over and inspected Xiaohui. There seemed to be no damage.

Him: "Sorry Sorry, not purposely one. Only hit slightly!"

Me: "Slightly also is damage on my car right?! Then how?"

I looked again, and confirmed there's no damage ...

Me: "Please be more careful next time ... "

Him: "Sorry Sorry, you want my IC number?"

Me: "Nah, it's ok."

Him: "Erm, sorry ... but can you tell me how to get to Ngee Ann City?"

I suddenlly felt thunder echoing all over my brain ... really felt like whacking that guy.

Me: "Just .... walk behind that building, and go all the way..."

Him: "Thank You Thank You!"

i walked back to Xiaohui and got into the driver seat ... locked the doors.
The rain was still pouring outside, droplets clanking all over Xiaohui's body.

I closed my eyes, hands clutched on the steering wheel tight. I rammed my head repeatedly on the wheel ... and breathed deep.

The day just cant get any worse ...

It just cant ...




Heard a voice, a gentle calling. Opened my eyes, and everything was still ...
I was looking into the eyes of an angel.

She wore a sweet smile that gleamed with warmth.
Wavy hair flowing down to her shoulders.
I might be dead ... but I still breathed.
We briefly touched ... It felt like magic.

Then ... the sky was dark no more.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Ordeal's End

They say time flies when your enjoying yourself ... but apparently it flew too when we're slogging for exams. Just 3 weeks ago i was bitching and complaining to everyone about the lack of time we have this semester to prepare, and now i'm only a day away from my final paper. Not to mention that almost all of my friends are already done with their ordeal, and a handful of them are probably already halfway across the world.

As usual, i made a mental list of what I'm gonna do or embark on after my last paper on Tuesday. Then again, rarely did i actually make the effort to realise them. Till now I still haven't give Xiaohui a good waxdown, or designed that funky car decal for his bonnet. Blah blah blah ... Anyways, Im pretty glad that I'll be flying off to Australia 3 days after my last paper to attend my sister's graduation ceremony. I seriously need a breather away from this infernal country.

I'm coming back only in the 16th, so if you can't reach me for kopi/teh/supper/mambo whatever, now you know why. Sorry Hongwei, guess we'll chill out sometime close before Chirstmas ya? Yeah, and Kelvin's still waiting for a good sushi meal together.

Have spoke to Siyong about a good PRU Reunion Xmas gathering. Maybe we should organise one this year, seeing that so many of us are graduating soon. A good celebration for all we've given (and not given) for fun, love, peace and joy. We'll book a huge function room somewhere, set up a nice Xmas tree, blast Xmas rock music, order an old English style Xmas dinner with turkey and ham ... and finally have a presents exchange session. Haha, that'll be so cool, and we can even hire KC to become the Santa Claus. Then maybe LiRuo can be Mrs Claus and we can watch them bicker among themselves.

Then soon it'll be CNY ... and I'll be organizing the annual Tuan Yuan Fan for the MSHS gang again. So make sure you're around peeps ... and this time, bring your GFs. And those with GF must give Ang Paos, else we'll drown you with the Fa Cai Yu Sheng.

*winks at Mel*

K la thinking too far liao. Still got a paper to finish before i'm out of the cage.
It's 3.40am now, and life is good.