Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Im a Whiney cow~

Well ... i haven't blogged for ages. Even with the CNY break, this is really one heck of a sem. I've got unfinished assignments piling up to my nose, with many other extra-cirricular projects waiting for my attention.

I've whined about this same problem last sem, and probably the last last sem as well. What's new is perhaps my extra commitments to projects outside PRU. Haha ... Im now an NVAC Volunteer too, though I don't really know if I've done enough to be deserving of that title. =) Now this is one project that Im actually always looking forward to ... haha. No stress no stress~~ just sessions of plain childhood silliness and innocence with the kids. Then ... there's my YEP programme with Rotaract Club. I did expect many fund-raising activies to prepare for our Phillipines trip in May ... but I certainly didn't forsee that our meetings all fall on Sundays, my precious study day. Ack ... I'm burned out.

By the way ... I wanna apologise to all my blog readers, whoever you are, for not updating as frequently as i though i should. :)

Anyways, here's a memorable photo I took when i brought Xiao Hui for his first wash at Esso.

I must be the first nut in history to post up such a pic.