Saturday, April 09, 2005


Studying ....

... hard ...

... hen hard ....

... fei chang hard ...

- Adopted from Jeffery's msn nick.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Happy April's Fool

Yeah well...

I thought i was never gonna update my blog until the exams are over.

But today ... some shitz happened that i just gotta record and journalise while its still fresh in my mind.

The time was 3pm.
It was a normal Friday.
Apart from the date, nothing special happened that worths a mention...
Its just another draggy and sleepy day before the coming of the weekends.
The sky was blue and the birds were chirping away merrily.
And my exams are just around 20 days away ...


Those bird brains really need to be killed...
but that's beside the point.

Im having my CS1101C Programming tutorial next.
We were all settled down in the class, and the tutor was late.
And strangely, my tutorial buddies were also missing ...
Kenneth Julian and Mark, all 3 of em.
We just came out together from our Maths tutorial right before this ...
and they disappeared after i stayed back a while to ask my Maths tutor some questions.


5 minutes later, Mark and gang scrambled into the tutorial room to settle down on the empty seats beside me. At the same time, a tutor entered our class.
It aint Edward,my usual tutor, but rather, it's our programming lecturer.
The Legendary Programmer, Raymond, to be precise.


it was around 3.05pm.
and he started addressing us.

"Mr.Edward Sim is sick today ..."

Everyone with some common sense will immediately figure out that he's here to replace Edward for the day.
But no, hell no...

"However, he has nominated a student from this class to conduct this tutorial instead..."

"What the fuck?" I thought to myself...

"Where is Janus?"

All eyes turned to look at me.

"Oh fuck." I thought to myself again.

"Mr Sim holds you in high regards. Here are the markers for the white board, Im just here to evaluate you."

Raymond settled himself to a nearby empty seat after leaving the markers on the front desk. All movements froze for a while, and all eyes were still staring at me. Kenneth and Mark was pushing me to go for it, and YiHui beside me was still in disbelief.

"Janus, come on!"

Raymond took out some papers and looked ready to evaluate me as he said he will.

"Hah? What the... cannot be la! This is a joke rite?"
I sounded out like an idiot.

"eh, April Fools joke rite?"
I turned to look at Mark, who's still pushing me to step out.

I turned to look at Raymond, who was still calmly sitting down by the side staring at me. Seems to be genuinely anticipating me to conduct the tutorial.

The whole din lasted around a minute or 2, before Raymond finally stood up and declared with a smirk.

"Happy April Fools, your friends asked me to pull you out"

Oh geez, gimme a break.
Just becaused i helped debugged some of their programs, i seemed to have been promoted to be the equal of a God.
I also got a new nick name. Some of my tutorial mates calls me "esim", Edward Sim's email identity.

haha, neat trick though.
Best April Fool's joke on me yet.