Saturday, January 27, 2007


i miss the sky ...
i miss the raindrops ...

Let me once again feel the gentle wind upon my face


Tuesday, January 09, 2007



My family's more well-off than the average household.

Quite often i talked about how i like to indulge in stuffs regardless of the price, as long as its worth it.

And unlike the "average guy-next door", i own a f**kin car.

Must that extra wealth be a source of alienation of me from the world?
Just coz I'm visiting a nice restaurant, its coz "everyone else is not as rich as me" ?
Must that "rich" punchline always come in at the end of sentences that doesn't go in your favour?

Just coz I've got more moolah in my pocket, it means I'm less human than everyone else?

I've seen how money can lift people off the ground so much that they forgot what the Earth looks like. I resent that, and I've worked my life making sure i don't become like them. Whenever I can, i hide about my financial background. I train myself to not look down on people, but to look up to people. I keep my finances tight, unless special occasions call for extra expenditure.

All these, just for people to pour sarcasms on me coz "some people is not as rich as me".

know what sunshine? Fuck you.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Jan 5th

Entrance into Sentosa plus Parking, $7.00

Luge Ride and Skyride, $16.00

Ben & Jerry's ice cream, $7.50

Sharing a cone with a silly girl, PRICELESS

There're many moments in one's life that can't be described with mere words ...
I guess this is one of them.


Friday, January 05, 2007

Jan 4th

And the Best Friend of the Day Award goes to .......



The Sashimi and Sushi from Maru Maru Japanese Restaurant!!

Went there to enlighten my tummy with Kelvin and Jeremiah in the afternoon. Sadly, the Master Chef is on leave, and the apprentice in charge doesn't make good sushis. The rice balls are too soft, and fell apart before we can feed them to our mouths. Disgrace!!

Ohhhh ~~~ the pain of it all!

3pm, headed to National Dental Centre. Im finally removing my braces!! Yippee!!
It's been soooooo bloody long since my tongue can feel the smooth surface of my front teeth.
It simply feels great.

finally now i can ...

  1. Talk without mumbling
  2. Talk un-muffledly
  3. Sing loudly
  4. Pronounce words sharply
  5. Not rinse my mouth after every meal
  6. Not dig my mouth for leftover food stuck in my braces
  7. Not brush my teeth in the morning and at night.

OK, the last one's a joke. =))
The rain came down pretty hard after that. Went over to Orchard to meet Joc, to offer my arms for carrying her laptop and shopping goodies. Then the bloody birds bombed Xiaohui.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

3rd January

Best Friend of the Day : All American Mushroom Cheese burger
7 for presentation
5 for taste
in short, i should have ordered the salad

my beloved ...

Was at the airport just now, my aunt's flying back to France after her annual visit to Singapore. Sadly, she can't stay to celebrate Chinese New Year with us this year.

Man, she's really one heck of a high flyer ... the Head of Human Resource of the United Nations!! She used to work directly under Secretary General Anan before he retired, and she's like taking in a whooping $16,000 per month! Maybe I really should start getting close to her and establish my status as her favourite nephew. Then maybe, just maybe, I will be able to get my hands on a Playstation 3 console, with a couple of Nintendo Wii to go along.

None of my family members have their roots in Singapore, and we all came from Jakarta, Indonesia, to this sunny island for one reason or another during the early years. My aunts all work overseas in a variety of different occupation, and thus going to the airport to send off a particular family member has become quite a ritual to us.

At the departure gate, we saw a couple of kids crying uncontrollably as they witnessed their beloved relatives walk into the departure area. Their parents were carrying them, and on their arms the children stared with teary eyes as their relatives went further and further away. Still sobbing, they waved their goodbyes. We all smiled at the scene, and my aunt talked about how I used to be like them whenever my cousins leave Singapore after their vacation. We all laughed a little at her remark.

The next thing i knew ... she broke down. She began to fumble with her words, and her face turned red ... tears flowed down her cheeks as she hugged my grandma and grandpa goodbye. My grandma joined her in tears ... and my other aunt began distributing tissue papers to them. I wasn't really expecting this scene, and it really wrenched my heart. I may have the good fortune of seeing my parents and grandparents daily, but for my busy aunt ... once a year is all she can afford to visit her own parents.

I'll feel horrible if I were in her shoes, especially when my parents are already old. Come to think of it, perhaps that's why I didn't think of going overseas to study and settled for NUS instead. My sister's already schooling in Australia, and I don't want my mom to be alone.

Foolish she said, but at least I'm spending time with everyone. =)


Oh my God!!!

You came back!!

And such an unexpected return!!

I missed you so much my dear ... ever since the day we parted a few weeks back. I especially miss the times when we're spending time watching TV together in my living room. It does bring back fond memories doesn't it? Although there weren't many good programs on air, your company is all i need. i crave the tender texture of your skin ... and the sweetness of your gloss once again. Our touch feels like magic, undescribable by words. I briefly introduced you to my best friends, Weihao and Kelvin, although then we didn't have the time to talk for long.

Soon after that ... you disappeared.

I honestly thought I was never going to see you again... I was kinda crushed for a while.

And then unexpectedly, my sis actually discovered you in Indonesia!! And she even brought you back home with her!

I'm so so so so so happy we're reunited again ... we have much to catch up on!

I love you! Krispy Kreme Donuts!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year 2007!!

Happy New Year to whoever's still reading my blog.

Haven been updating regularly am i? I wun be surpised if my inherent laziness has scared off 80% of my blog readers... oh well.

Today's the 1st day of Year 2007. I spent it rather meaningfully by playing LAN games with Jiemin and Weihao at Katong Shopping Centre. Blasted tanks, launched missles, fragged both friends and foes ... those kinda things. Was glued to the computer screen throughout like a lifeless worm. If I hadn't recall wrongly, i think i spent the 1st day of last year this way as well, fragging lifeless individuals using my keyboard and mouse. Id probably be doing the same next year too, lol. Tradition under construction, hell yeah.

Had a steamboat dinner appointment with Ben, Elsa and Tongcai at 7pm. I decided to return my rented DVDs to Video-Ezy along the way at Serangoon Gardens before proceeding to the steamboat restaurant. I checked the street directory beforehand to find a short cut that connect the 2 places. In the end I got hopelessly lost with Xiaohui, and arrived at the steamboat place only near 8pm. And Weihao couldn't pick a better time to irritate me, by bombarding my mobile phone with 10+ crap messages along the way ... to haolian to me he got 1000 free sms-es.

Death to the phone companies!

The steamboat wasn't really very nice ... in fact i felt the food was rather bland, espeially the meat. However, the people scenery there is something else. We were told to take no more than 2 hours to eat, but we left only at 10.30pm after we have had enuff fun with the soup remains.

So we went home, and i got lost again with Xiaohui. Im supposed to turn into Serangoon Road, but ended up heading to Bukit Timah Road ... then Thompson Road.

Im such a wonderful driver, the Government just didn't make the roads right.
I love Xiaohui.