Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Elusive Reality

All these years, I have believed in it, the one ture identity which defines it. Since i came to know of its existance, i have always trusted my judgement of its every aspect. It became a familiar symbol of my everyday life ... and yet i erred in my conclusion of its form and identity. The fact in which i placed so much belief in turned out to be untrue, and my entire foundation of trust has been overwhelmed by this error. I hate myself for my lack of judgement skills.... I hate the lies which seemed so much like reality, but is in fact a shimmering illusion. Burdened by the constant pressure and persuasion from the people around me, I finally accepted the alternate verdict. My psychological mindset has been changed drastically, my confidence twarted. The world looked different from the moment on, and bit by bit the alternative reality fits in with my way of life. For the first time in a long while, i begin to doubt myself. I blame myself for making erroneous conclusions without detailed analysis and observation. All these years, I have believe in the wrong thing. I was laughed at by the outside world for my foolishness, and my soul feels tainted.

Im already 22 years old ... and only recently did I come to realise that...

Piyo-Piyo is a duck, not a chicken...

Saturday, June 25, 2005

OK ... that aint my entry.
Im referring to the last post on this blog, that "silly dilly man" thingie.
Apparently, my silly sister (who just returned from Australia) has made an unauthorised entry on my blog when Im showering in the bathroom. Yeah yeah, I didn't really log off my blogspot account when she invaded my room, so that's why.

Technically, I should remove that post, and shouldn't even bother to waste time putting up this post to enlighten everyone. But know wad? Im gonna let the silly dilly post stay down there in this blog. Yeah, for entertainment's sake.

yah ... that'll be cool.


Friday, June 24, 2005

tralala...I'm a silly dilly man...

Science Centre Attachment

Over the past few days, i have been an honoured employee of the Singapore Science Centre. Rash managed to find a job slot there to squeeze me in, and they began calling me for secondary attachments later on.

That's Science In The Mall 2005, an annual workshop and exhibition for kids down at a particular shopping centre. This year, we're having it at Junction 8, and the theme's "Xploring Earth". Basically, we're talking about stuffs like Tsunamis, Volcanos, Typhoons etc. Kinda boring stuff actually... but with the installation of the regular Science Shows and activity workshops, its really kinda cool. There's a live mini volcano on display that spits red goo, a vortex generator and an Earthquake machine.

Im in charge of one of the science workshops, likely the most boring one Id say. My station's called the Earth Model. Basically, my partner and me are suppose to teach kids how to fold a green and blue cardboard template into an icosahedral Earth model. I dun really enjoy the process, it really is kinda boring. What i truely enjoy, however, is the interaction with the kiddies! Haha, they are soooooo adorable. We're talking about kids ranging from 3 years to 10 years old. Many youngies have droopy cheeks, and i so feel like pinching them siah ... xcept that their parents are behind watching. Some are simply too young to even know what we're talking about, and some are overzealous and out of control ... running around and stuffs. My partner's from NTU, and her name's Engel. One of my friends who saw us says he envies me for pairing up with a cute girl. Haha... I'll agree! The conversation with the kids are really fun as well, a little girl told me her experiences in Disney Land Japan, and chatting with twins is really quite a joy. Some kiddies called me Uncle, not that I mind. The same kiddies called Engel Auntie, and I think she minds.

-Engel and Me

Liang Ming is in charge of a cool station. He creates twisters in a bottle! As kids, we often twist our mineral water bottles hard to create a vortex sort of tornado. However, just by adding some simple ingredients to water, namely vinegar and soap, the same twister can be observed just with a simple flick. The extra ingredients increase the viscousity of water, and thereby making the twisters more lasting and obvious... do try it if you're free... its pretty cool.

Waimun makes a Wind Gauge kind of thingie, and some other malay collegues take a station called the Shifting Continents.

A fun thing to do will be to express our artistic capabilities in designing the twister bottles with permanent markets. Somehow the guys are really addicted to this. Waimun showed everyone his Picasso side, and i made quite a few 爱心龙卷风. Im only left with 1 of them twisters though, the rest are given to some kiddies. At least they appreciate my art.

- my hair sux.

My attachment went on for three day, and it was definately an enjoyable experience. I even forgot Im getting paid for this. I'll definately sign up for the next Science In The Mall exhibition next year, and perhaps the recent one this September.

But ....... my employee status aint over, unlike others!
Read up the next post!

Nothing to Do!?

Im now going through one of the rare moments in my days, when i have absolutely nothing to do ... I just returned from my haircut, and its now 7.30pm, a bit too early for my nightly msn chat marathon. Im not slogging by the couch watching the tube, neither am i sleeping my evening away. Ive fininshed doing my Rag stuffs. Im not hungry, i dun feel like taking any dinner (dinner sux anyway). Im no longer employed. My sister is outside, so i cant bully or disturb her. I dun feel like playing any games, Im not having one of my night swims ... blah blah blah.

Well anyway, I really should have included a post to cover my activities over the past few days, when I am still employed by Singapore Science Centre. Its a hell lot of run, really... hmm, maybe I'll do that now, under a new heading.

here goes ...

Friday, June 17, 2005

Rag Retreat 2005

The crazy dudes in the Rag Committee decided that we will need some kinda bonding session to strengthen ties within the committee. And thus, the same crazy dudes launched a bold attempt to camp overnight in NUSSU Secretariat Conference Room 1.

Yes! We did survive to tell the tale, though with some rather unpleasant endings...
read on!

The Ultimate Encyclopedia:
Things you can do in NUSSU Sec CR1 to entertain yourself

  1. Play Golf
    Find a paper cup. Tape it to the floor and use it as the hole. Find a bamboo stick, and that shall be your putter. Golf ball provided in CR1, if you can find it.
  2. Play Volley Ball
    Crush and crumple up a bunch of paper together with lots of masking tape to make the ball. Find Bamboo pole, rest bamboo pole across 2 chairs to use as net. Imagine you're near the sea and start playing.
  3. Play Chateh
    Find feather duster. Pluck out a few nice feathers from feather duster. Find paper cups, cut out round base of paper cups. Use masking tape, stick them all together like a chateh. For weight, put erasors between the round paper cup base. Put bamboo pole across chairs. Start playing.
  4. Limbo
    Put Bamboo pole across 2 chairs. Make sure bamboo is horizontal, or ask frens to hold bamboo. Get a few girls (for best effects, find drunk ones) to stand one corner and sing the Limbo theme song. Start Playing. Increase difficulty by lowering height of bamboo pole.
  5. The Cup Game
    Get everyone to sit side by side at the table. Find lots of paper cups, and learn the cup dance. clap = clap hands. bang = bang table. pick = take cup. swoosh = shift cup.
    *clap clap bang bang bang clap pick swoosh! clap pick swoosh bang swoosh+pick bang swoosh!*
  6. Mahjong
    I'll worship anyone who can create a set of mahjong tiles from the things salvaged from the NUSSU sec. Anyway, a fren brought our set. Put tiles on table, and start playing. Due to the size of the table, one player must sit or lean on the table to play.
  7. Play Snooker
    Make the hole the same way u did for the golf game, using the paper cup and tape. Use bamboo pole as cue, and golfball as billiard ball. Lean on floor and start playing.
  8. Card Games
    Uno, Poker, everything goes. Just sit around and play.
  9. Play Daytona
    Ok, you dun play this in CR1. Rather, u play it on the roads, preferably after 2am when the roads are empty. Find an expendable car(if there is such thing) and a not-so-zai driver(Siyong not referring to u). Get into the passenger seat, and enjoy the ride. Insurance coverage is advised.
  10. Overplay stupid mp3 songs
    Borrow a cool dude's laptop. Make him overplay stupid chinese songs like 老鼠爱大米. Be sure to put on repeat mode. Feel your IQ lowered after the 8th repetition.
  11. The Puke Mopper
    Find a drunkard. Give him a bottle of Gin, 47% alcohol. Make him collapse onto the carpetted floor, on top of a newly opened sleeping bag. Give him water whenever he wakes up and asks for it. Make sure he continues sleeping after that. Gather around him when he starts to whimper and twist around in his sleep. See him puke up bits of prata and Mee Goreng onto the sleeping bag and floor. Get the mops and dump the drunkard into the nearest toilet. Take turns to jaga him.

The possibilities are limitless! Let your imagination and creativity flow!

By the way, im the only idiot who brought a sleeping bag to the party.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Quality Buffet

Really ... our midnight supper trips are getting to become a weekly routine.

Well anyway, we finally made the long awaited trip to Quality Hotel along Balestier Road to feast upon their $6 Taiwan Porridge Buffet. By the way, if you are still wondering about the heading of this post, i do not mean that the buffet is of top 'Quality'. Rather, the darn buffet is at a place called 'Quality Hotel'. But anyway, the buffet is good ... a little better and maybe they can call it the 'Quality Quality Buffet'. And if they actually decide to publicise the buffet in the papers, they can come up with sentences such as "Try our quality Quality buffet at the 3 star quality Quality Hotel Singapore."

Ok, i just made myself confused ...


The pleasant outlook of the Hotel actually stunned me a little, as I was expecting something more like a shop-house kind of budget stayover place. With a cheesey name such as "Quality Hotel Singapore", Id usually picture a run-down place whose owners try to make it sound good by giving it a seemingly impressive name(to them). The Hotel actually has a parking lot, an interior air conditioning system, some lifts, as well as its very own automatic sliding doors!! WoW!! Still, it's a cheesey name for a hotel. Maybe they can open a branch in the future and call it "Impressive Hotel Singapore" or something.

By the way, its located nicely beside the Communiable Disease Centre (CDC).

Anyways, the Taiwan Porridge Buffet is good. Id reccommend it, really. The only sad thing is that they dun offer salted duck eggs. That's usually a compulsory item with porridge isn't it?

Discussed to Zengkun a little about the 'buffet' pronounciation. Why isn't it spelled the way it is pronounced? Is it French, German, Bulatatkasunian or what? Anyways, if it IS spelled the way it is pronounced, we'll end up with sentences such as...

"Hey, wanna go over to Ah Tan's Chelay to eat Boofay? Its opposite the bus Dehpow and next to the Kahfoo supermarket."


Oh yah, Michael Jackson walks free!!
yay! yay! yay! yay! yay!
*does the moonwalk*

Those parents who sued him probably just want his money ... they're members of the Ku Klux Klan I tell you ...
Tamade, they deserve to be sold to geylang to join the thai ayams.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Local Supper Spots

Now that I've got wheels, the Wassup gang has been hanging out for supper rather often. Being the nice guy that I am, I always send my friends home, since nightime public transports aint really cheap. A simple trip in a cab can cost over 10 bucks, and that certainly makes our precious gatherings much less meaningful. The soaring petrol price doesn't bother me, neither do the possible risks of getting summons for illegal parkings. Surely our friendship is worth much more than all that put together? Yes, it definately is, and what's important to me is that my friends reach home safely and economically...


that's to stir up your guilty consciences. Haha!
Monetary contributions or donations to my car maintaince funds aren't compulsory, but encouraged. To make a donation, simply dial 1900 112 2580 for $5, 1900 112 2581 for $10 or 1900 112 2582 for $50. Alternatively, you can email me to make an appointment to wash my car.

haha, k that's a joke. It really is.
But if you are still insistant on giving me a donation, Ive always wanted that Nokia 3G phone 6680. If they offer choices for colour, i want a white one!


on the serious issues.
Over my army years till now, Ive been researching for good supper spots with my friends around the island. This is what i concluded, suggestions are most welcome.

Katong!! Who hasn't heard of Katong Laksa?

Jalan Kayu supposedly, but I dun find their prata exceptionally nice. Maybe its just the 24 hour thingie that makes it famous.

Frog Porridge
Geylang! Get the 宫保田鸡!

Hor Fun
Geylang! Beef Hor Fun, Lorong 9 is it? The stall under the signboard 牛河大王.

Prawn Mee
A small eating house next to Jackson kopitiam along Macperson. It sells nothing but prawn mee and it ROCKS.

Nasi Lemak
Punggol, or however u spell it. Its along upper serangoon road, supposedly taste better than the rest. Well ... ok la.

Qing Teng and Kang Kong Cuttlefish
a small food centre at Bedok near the Guards Camp. Heard gonna be demolished though.

BBQ seafood
Nothing beats Chomp Chomp at serangoon gardens!

Char Kway Teow
Kopitiam right outside Parkway Parade. Its watery and fat juicy Char Kway Teow is definately the best!

Chicken Rice
Last time my uncle use to buy this fantabulous chicken rice from Thompson Road. i wonder if its still there.

Actually most of these are already general knowledge for supper veterans.
Please contribute ideas!
Contributers of the best ideas can win the privilege of washing my car.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Another update

Check out the date of my last update. That's like weeks ago. Ack! Not a good sign, im starting to ignore the blog which ive created myself .... again!

And even when I am updating it right now, Im updating this for the sake of updating itself!! No real content! No thoughts! No nothing! how???

You wun learn anything new from reading this particular post, nor will you become more intelligent. In fact, your IQ may drop slightly at the end of this post, plagued by the extreme boliao-ness of a bored and lazy blogger. Let's all embrace each other and laugh it off.



ok, Im so lame i scare myself, so i shall stop.
The night time blues is starting to get on me again it seems, and perhaps that filling supper at that cannot-make-it Nasi Lemak stall contributed a little as well.

We had a nice wonderful supper plan ... to dig in to this $6 Taiwan Porridge buffet at Quality Hotel (That's the name if your wondering). We're suppose to rendevous at Kelvin's house at 11.15pm, before we head out to the place. The buffet ends at 1am, so we haven got much time actually. Anyways ... Mel got lost on his way to Kelvin's place, and his phone was dead, so he headed home instead. The rest of us were still waiting like dingoes at Kelvin's void deck. Finally, we headed to the MRT station on a Melvyn hunt, worried that he might have been kidnapped by the geylang bengs and sold to thailand. 15min later, we went back to Kelvin house. Until Mel finally called us back at around 12.15am.

I was quite pissed then ... and having weehou to blame me for it added fuel to the flame.



Anyways, we ended up eating at Chom Pang Nasi Lemak. It's waay too late for the buffet. The Nasi Lemak wasn't too bad ... but that's the only thing we ordered that wasn't too bad, the rest kinda sucked. To think i starved myself since lunch for this...



And i paid more than $6.

*tears furnitures and uproots lamp posts*